Cameron Airen

Hi beautiful human and soul,

I’m Cameron Airen

a Feminist Mindset Coach, Gender Consultant, Mentor, writer and podcaster helping passionate feminists feel more confident, at ease, and create the change they want in their lives and in the world! I also help you increase your gender and social awareness so you can be more conscious and create the kind of change you want.

I help folks of all genders free from internalized oppressive beliefs that aren’t serving you, and guide you to adopt beliefs that DO serve you and inspire you to show up for yourself as your whole self!

I have a Masters degree in Anthropology & Social Change, a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies. I have 14+ years of experience studying gender, feminism, sexuality, social change and internalized oppression. I’ve been integrating feminism with coaching for 3+ years, and I have a background in counseling, fitness training and as a running coach.

As a gender consultant and feminist mentor, I help business owners, solo entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives integrate a gender & social consciousness into their work to be a part of a growing movement of positive social change. The future is a more freeing place and I love supporting caring leaders who want to make a more powerful difference.

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Learn, new life changing mindset shifts

from a feminist lens.

I had no idea the depth that was coming for me in my session with you.... Ive had so many reflections and insights in my brain. THANK YOU again for the work you do. Your candidness and realness is setting a very high bar in ‘the industry’. You’re seriously pioneering a new type of inner freedom for us!
— Victoria bauman

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Cameron’s podcast has transformed my life. She asks deeper questions and challenges me in ways that are powerful and life-altering and healing. She’s conscientious and mindful, and addresses the myriad of ways that society, culture, race, politics, etc effect people differently. Cameron brings a fresh, progressive, nuanced perspective on feminism, gender, sexuality and what it means to be human. For me, Cameron is keeping the revolution of thought and freedom alive, active and burning with inspiration!
— Wendy Millstine