Cameron Airen


Feel Amazing Setting The Boundaries You Need

So you can thrive as an empath or Highly Sensitive person!




Hello Deep Feeler and Caring Leader of Change,

Are you ready to reclaim your gifts and learn how to use them in ways that serve you and the world? 

Are you interested in amplifying your gender and feminist awareness so you can create more freedom in your work, business, everyday life, and in society?


I’m Cameron Airen

a feminist mindset coach, gender consultant, writer and podcaster helping you reclaim your gifts, thrive and shine in the world, and increase your gender and social awareness so you can be more conscious and create the kind of change you want.

I help feminist introverts, empaths and highly sensitive souls thrive and shine in the world!

I help all genders get free from internalized oppressive and limiting beliefs, and adopt new ones that better serve them.

I guide deep thinkers in getting free from feeling like they have to live up to society’s expectations so they can be all of who they are and do all that they’re meant to do in this life.

As a gender consultant, I help business owners, solo entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives integrate a gender consciousness into their work to be a part of a growing movement of positive social change. The future is a more freeing place and I love supporting caring leaders who want to make a more powerful difference.

I had no idea the depth that was coming for me in my session with you.... I”ve had so many reflections and insights in my brain. THANK YOU again for the work you do. Your candidness and realness is setting a very high bar in ‘the industry’. You’re seriously pioneering a new type of inner freedom for us!
— Victoria Bauman

Ways I Can Support You...




Cameron, your support and guidance was paramount. To any business or individual wanting support as they navigate any gender related issues, I can highly recommend Cameron as a consultant and coach. I feel so supported by her on an ongoing basis with professional followup, podcasts and newsletters that hit the spot. Her podcasts are grounding for me, comforting and thought provoking. I love to listen as I wind down for the day. I trust her perspectives and love her words. Cameron is totally committed to her work.
— Joy Arnott