I'm Cameron Airen, a mindset coach who helps feminist introverts, empaths and highly sensitive souls thrive and shine in the world!


I'm also a gender consultant who helps entrepreneurs, bosses and companies integrate a gender awareness into their business and work. Head to my consulting page if this is your interest. 


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Deep Feeler, Deep Thinker and Sensitive Soul, 


Have you been told that you're "too sensitive" throughout your life?


Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders easily able to tap into the pain and suffering in the world at anytime?


Are you sensitive to people's energy and emotions?


Do you feel overwhelmed by a lot of stimulation?


Are you deeply affected by your environment?


Do you need a fair amount of alone time?


Then you are in the right place, gifted soul. 




As a feminist, you care deeply about the world.

You care about liberation, equality and justice.

You have a big, generous heart.

And probably stretch yourself too thin all too often.

You probably dread going to protests and marches.

Your action looks a little different.

You are a deep feeler and are good at self-reflecting.

You are committed to personal growth.

You are creative and have your own, unique way of doing things and living in the world.

You have your own gifts and just need to learn how to use them in ways that serve you and learn how you can use them to create positive, sustainable social change in the world.



You've probably felt "different" or misunderstood most of your life because you are highly intuitive, sensitive and attuned to people, your environment and energy. 


Maybe people have dumped on you too much and you’re tired and possibly resentful...

Or you have experienced people feeling uncomfortable when you pick up on what they’re really feeling.

Maybe these gifts have felt like a burden to you in some way. Maybe you have squashed them down because of this. 

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Because you don't know how to use your gifts in a way that serves you best. 

We live in a world that misunderstands deep feelers, deep thinkers and sensitive souls, and doesn't support our true nature. 

We live in a world that is highly stimulated, where there is A LOT going on and it’s exhausting trying to keep up and take it all in.



I am here to tell you that your sensitivity, intuition, and deep mind and soul ARE indeed your SUPERPOWERS.


I am here to tell you that your sensitivity, intuition, and deep mind and soul ARE indeed your SUPERPOWERS.

You don’t have to feel like these are burdens anymore. You don’t have to escape these parts of yourself.

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You can understand the beautiful magic of your gifts and learn how to use them in ways that serve and support you, which, in turn, will serve the world.

We just need to strengthen your foundation to give you the support you need to show up as your full self and shine!



As an intuitive, deep, quiet feeler, it's essential for you to get the support, care and set the boundaries that you need.


So you can show up as your best self and instead of feeling depleted, grumpy, depressed, resentful, or physically ill.

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We strengthen your foundation by helping you....


Set firm yet loving boundaries for yourself and with others.

Clear your mind and manage your emotions so you can feel more free and powerful.

 Lead from your intuition (because this is one of your greatest gifts).

Learn how to be and feel better in your body.

Protect and replenish your energy.

Figure out what kind of care and support YOU need to be well.

Learn when and how to use your superpowers so you are using your gifts in ways that serve you AND the world. 


I give you the support you need to take action on living the life you TRULY desire and need in order to thrive and show up with your superpowers. 




A little about me...



My whole life, I have always been told I'm "too sensitive". I have always been quiet (though not shy), needed a lot of alone time, felt people's energies and emotions easily, and felt the "weight of the world" on my shoulders. 

When I started learning more about what it means to be an introvert, empath and highly sensitive person, I began to better understand my whole self and go from thinking, "It's hard to be me" to "It’s incredible to be me, I have so many gifts and magical powers. And I’m learning everyday how to use them in the best ways that support my well being and the well being of others.”

Now, I'm passionate about helping other deep feelers and sensitive souls learn how to use their gifts so they can truly thrive and shine in all areas of their life and in the world!


Read more about my story, experience and expertise here


I had no idea the depth that was coming for me in my session with you.... I”ve had so many reflections and insights in my brain. THANK YOU again for the work you do. Your candidness and realness is setting a very high bar in ‘the industry’. You’re seriously pioneering a new type of inner freedom for us!
— Victoria Bauman

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Gender Consulting

Are you a socially conscious leader, business owner, teacher, coach, boss, or creative? I expand your awareness of gender and help you integrate that awareness into your work so you can create the most impact and lead a more freeing and fluid future. 

“I’ve gotten so much from our session. I’m SO glad I connected with you. I feel more at home in myself.”
— Sharyn Holmes