Do you desire to integrate your feminism into your biz?

Are you wondering how to lead your business from your feminist values?

Do you want to be inclusive in your biz but don’t really know what that actually looks like?

Are you wanting to be more socially conscious?

In my VIP feminist “makeover” package, I help you do just that.

If the thought of having a feminist mentor in your corner making over your biz, contents, creations and mindset excites you, then this VIP “makeover” could be for you.


About Me…

Hi! I’m Cameron Airen, a Feminist Mentor, Gender Consultant and Mindset Coach helping you feel more confident, use and share your feminist voice and gifts with the world, and gain next-level gender awareness and integrate this into your work, business, creativity, community and daily life.

I have an Masters in Anthropology and Social Change, and a B.A. in Women in Gender Studies.

I’ve been integrating feminism with coaching for 3+ years. For 14+ years, I have been studying gender, sexuality, feminism, social change and getting free from oppression. You can read my full bio here.

*Friendly Note: I work with all gender identities and am sex-positive, sex worker-positive & LGBTQIA+ positive.

Cameron has had a huge impact on how I do business in my coaching practice, in fact, how I live my life. I first encountered Cameron through my coaching academy and was lucky enough to work with her one-to-one for a short time. This work was the springboard to me really exploring my feminist approach in my business, owning my feminist “persona” in my life and starting to make much-needed changes in the way I communicate and show up around representation, inclusion, language and much more.

I’ve made thorough use of Cameron’s free resources on their website (I suggest you do too) and love listening in to the Live A Conscious Life Podcast in the car. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Cameron, it will change the way you see your business, the world and your place in it for the better.
— Pippa Parfait

In my VIP offering, you get a combination of gender consulting, feminist mentoring and coaching. I take a close look at your business, projects, manuals, modules, website, content, structure, and mindset,

and “make it over” to align with your feminist beliefs, values, goals and desires.

Think “Queer Eye”, but a feminist makeover for your mindset, biz and the ways you want to create social change!

During our month together, I will help you with any or all of the following:

  • Get clear on your point of view and be able to communicate it clearly with your audience

  • Articulate what you want to say in your feminist messaging and writing

  • Deepen your feminist analysis & knowledge and integrate this into your work

  • Move beyond the gender binary in your mindset, language, and copy

  • Use your platform to address what matters the most to you and supports your future vision.

  • Move away from “feminine” and “masculine” terms and shift your mindset beyond the binary to be more inclusive of those outside of the gender binary.

  • Move beyond essentializing “women” and “men” in your lens, copy and marketing

  • Address patriarchal gender conditioning without reinforcing the gender binary in your work

  • Learn how to address internalize oppression with your clients, customers or audience

  • Gain more of an intersectional lens in your work

  • Use mindset tools to help you feel more confident in your biz and free you from internalize oppression

  • Feel more confident in sharing your work with the world and showing up more powerfully!


How would it feel to have a Feminist Mentor in your corner giving you the feminist makeover of your dreams for your mindset and biz?

Who is this VIP offering for?

  • Feminist leaders, business owners/entrepreneurs who want a transformation in their mindset & work

  • Feminists of ANY gender identity

  • Coaches, Healers, Creatives, Leaders, CEOs, solo-entrepreneurs, biz owners who are interested in being more socially conscious

  • New or experienced entrepreneurs who are interested in using their business to make their feminist dreams come to life

  • Multi-passionate feminists who want to turn their passions into action and create a thriving business that supports them and makes a positive impact

    How does it work?

We’ll meet for a 60 min session every other week (4 sessions total).

When we’re not meeting, I’ll be looking over your biz contents, making edits and suggestions, and offering relatable resources.

After each session, you will get a follow-up email from me with detailed notes (which my clients find more helpful than the recording)

You’ll get my exclusive client resources and any other resources I recommend to support you.

You’ll have access to me via email to ask any questions you would like for those two months we’ll be working together.

After our time together, you will feel like a more confident, knowledgable leader with a biz that you’re proud of and ready to share more of with the world!

It’s going to be fun, eye opening, and transformative!

How much?


Ready to live your feminist dreams with your biz?

Working with Cameron has been life changing for me and incredibly transformative for my business as well. They truly helped me to understand internalised oppression and gender issues at a much deeper level, which in turn has helped me become a better trainer, leader and person. I highly recommend Cameron to any person wanting to unpack their gender bias (we all have it!) and work in a much more holistic, inclusive and supportive way that is open to people of all gender identities. I know that the work we have done together has already positively impacted my training and work and in turn that will be passed on to so many others.
— julie parker

Want to hop on a FREE 20 Min Call first to chat to find out if this VIP offering is for you?


I’m excited to support you in bringing your feminist dreams in your biz to life!

Cameron is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met! She is wise, insightful, and a great listener, always making sure she knows exactly what kind of help you need. And she really knows how to market!”
— celeste hirschman