Thais Sky: Reclaiming Our Worthiness & Trust In Ourselves

(This episode was on the former podcast Real Feminist Stories as well as all episodes after this one.)

The amazing Thais is a speaker, writer, podcaster and coach to help women reclaim their worthiness. In today's episode, we talk about what empowerment means, how Thais supports women to trust themselves in a patriarchal society that has told us from a young age to trust people and things outside of ourselves. 

"There's a lot of pressure on us to be something that we're inherently not". 

Thais shares her journey of how she began to trust herself, including her story of binge-eating and exploring the deeper issues underneath it. We talk about rigidity and how it prevents us from truly listening to ourselves, and how we can get free of this. In addition, Thais speaks about taking up space, respecting others' space, privilege and her complex identity as a White, Latina. My favorite quote from Thais is: 

"It's not about finding the gray, it's about finding the color. Finding a totally different way of being. And, it's possible." 

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