#48: Sophie Macklin: Feminist, Anti-Capitalist Money Coach

I was excited to speak with the wonderful, Sophie, who shares a different perspective on money, money blocks and abundance than what we normally hear in the mainstream and from money coaches in general. Sophie believes that we can use our gifts and make money while we're in capitalism while also working towards a different system. She addresses some of the most common concerns she hears from clients and feminists, one being the desire to serve the people in your community who can't always afford your work. I ask Sophie what she believes about money and if she uses affirmations to call in more abundance and money into her life. 

At the core of Sophie's work is healing wounds of capitalism, patriarchy and worthiness. 

"Being able to say I'm worthy of money is feminist."

She believes that changing the way we relate to money and redistributing resources is a feminist act. The relationship between feminism and money and capitalism is deep and complex, and Sophie brings more of this complexity to light. We talk about being honest about our financial needs, the obsession with earning six figures, money blocks, and what the real desires, needs, and feelings are underneath these things. As a feminist, Sophie values care, collective care and change, and talks about building from ourselves, our connections and our communities. 

Want to understand your money blocks and feminist abundance more? Give this a listen and take advantage of Sophie's offerings. 

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