#38: Mona Darling: Women's Kinky Sex Coach on Your Inner Dominatrix, Sex Work & Sex Positivity

Mona is a women's Kinky Sex Coach. How awesome is that? And she's brilliantly created a course called "How To Be A Dominant Goddess" to help women discover their inner Dominatrix and give them permission to explore sexually. In this episode, Mona gives us more insight into this program, the work she does as a kinky sex coach, and her past career as a Professional Dominatrix. We talk about what it means to be sex positive, learning how consent shows up in kink with "hard limits" and "soft limits", and how to negotiate in the bedroom. Mona offers her take on the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon and dispelling myths about kink. Also, we talk about how gender conditioning influences our sex lives, and how women have been socialized to be in society and in the bedroom.  

I asked Mona how she defines sex positivity:


"It's about being open to sexual identity and sexual inclination. It's not about being sexual. It's about being open to the conversation of other people's sexuality, and understanding that their sexuality does not affect you." 


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