#40: Lola Davina: Thriving In Sex Work, Feminism & Sex Work, Shame & Emotional Labor

In this week's episode, I'm speaking with the wonderful, Lola Davina, and her new book, "Thriving In Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice For Staying Sane In The Sex Industry." We have a very candid, raw, real conversation about the various complexities within and of sex work from a sex worker positive standpoint. Lola takes a "harm-reduction" attitude of sex work, and is interested in how we can make sex work harm-free, oppression free, and as safe as possible. Lola identifies as a feminist, and we, also, talk about how sex work and feminism intersect, and examine why society puts a lot of meaning onto sex and the shame that it places on sex workers. We talk about how emotional labor is central to sex work, and how sex workers can manage their own emotions, which will support them in thriving. Lastly, Lola shares how she wrote in a journal, when she was ten years old, that she wanted to be a prostitute (she's not the first person I know who has shared a similar story). Take a listen to learn more and gain new insights and perspectives from what Lola has to share!   

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