#45: L'Erin Alta on Healing, Spirituality & Social Justice

I'm here with the beautiful and wise Mentor, Shadow Diver and Spiritual Guide to women, L'Erin Alta. In this podcast, L'Erin shares her incredibly powerful story of how her soul work with women began when she was in college and started an all women's open mic group called Sister Fire. Through facilitating this group, she learned how to be a sacred space holder. She also shares some dark challenges she's faced with death at a young age that has prepared her for the work she does today as well. She considers death her master teacher and impermanence her lesson.

"How do we be human together? How do we be beloved community together?

Our conversation is centered on spirituality, feminism and social justice, and how they all connect. L'Erin points out how women's truth has been silenced under patriarchy and how we can, in turn, silence ourselves. I ask L'Erin what love looks like to her, what is the power of prayer, how we can feel our joy when it feels like we "shouldn't", and what brings her joy. L'Erin has some powerful insights on how important love, prayer, and joy are in relation to oppression. 

"All we need is love. Love is not passive. Love is active. Love is not ignorant. Love is informed. Love is compassionate, not just in the heat of the moment. To me, love tells the whole story."

We talk about accepting ourselves, what healing is and coming back to your wholeness. Press play above to listen to click on the button above to listen in iTunes!

How do you want to show up from a place of wholeness that you already are?

Where you can find L'Erin: Website, Her upcoming retreat, and Facebook