#50: Krystal Covington: Women of Denver, Women's Economic Power & Women in Politics

I am chatting with the amazing, Krystal, a marketing consultant who created Women of Denver, "a social enterprise on a mission to help women know their value, build influence and ultimately earn their worth." In this episode, I ask Krystal about what inspired her to create Women of Denver and we talk a lot about women gaining economic power. We dive into the common beliefs and messages that women have received from patriarchy about our worth and what we deserve in relation to money and business. We also chat about her TEDx Talk, "Being Your Own Superhero" and the value of being an introvert. Krystal is passionate about more women getting into politics and shares about how she's been learning more about how women can and need to run for office. If you're interested in women making their own money, feeling deserving and getting into political office, then this episode is for you! 

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