#39: June Kaewsith: On Healing, Art, Liberation & Justice

June has done and is doing a lot of amazing work around healing, art, and social justice. In this episode, she talks about the Spoken Word workshops, like "Culture and Identity" and "Redefining Masculinity Series," that she facilitates as well as a retreat, "Sisterhood Leadership Rising," for young women of color to help them write their own stories called. June reveals her story of growing up Thai-American, and connecting with her ancestors and their resiliency as she explores the question of how her ancestors healed themselves. She asks, "How is it that we can reawaken the tools within us to provide that support for one another?" June explores the connections between personal and social liberation, and how her new life coaching pursuit is part of being a healer in the social justice communities. She is inspired by Martin Luther King's concept of "beloved communities" and believes that,

"Everything that we're fighting for is interconnected, and we need each other to do this."

June is passionate about art being central to all of the work that we do, and to challenge what it means to be an artist. I ask her about what liberation, justice and feminism mean to her. She feels strongly that the central component to it all is around Black Liberation. 

"In order to truly dismantle racism, we have to center it around Black liberation, and challenging anti-Blackness amongst our own families and communities."

"How can we center our feminism around Black trans women?"

Also, we talk about self-love being vital to the work that we do, and what it means to reclaim intuition. 

"Liberation is not an aftermath of our struggles, but something that we can embody now."


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