#51: Julie Parker: Gender Fluidity & Queerness Among Goddesses & Gods and Her Feminist Journey

In today's episode, I talk with beautiful feminist powerhouse, Julie Parker! Julie identifies as a feminist modern day Priestess, is a speaker, author, host of the Priestess Podcast, and the founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. We talk about Julie's background, growing up on a farm being raised by a loving, single mom in Australia. Julie shares two dark experiences that have made a huge impact on her, shaping who she is today and her feminism. Then, we chat about Julie's passion about the Goddess from a feminist lens, and gender fluidity and queerness among Goddesses and Gods, in particular. This is ancient, important herstory that many of us aren't familiar with, and I'm thankful to Julie for blessing us with this knowledge. You'll definitely want to listen to this one! 

You can find Julie at her Website.