#46: Jill Morris: Feminist Selfcare, Unlearning Fat Shaming & Everyday Activism


I loved talking with this powerful feminist about radical feminist selfcare. Jill is a health coach and nutritional practitioner with an intersectional feminist lens on health and care. One of the myths we tackle in this episode is the one about how being thin equals healthy and fat equals unhealthy. Jill is a big advocate for body positivity and educates about fat shaming and helps us get free from the everyday ways that we participate in fat shaming that we might not even be conscious of.  She believes, "There's no need to worry about someone else's weight or assume that their weight has anything to do with their health." In so many ways, society teaches us not to feel good about or in our bodies, and bringing attention to this is a big part of feminist selfcare. 

"We aren't allowed to feel good about our bodies."

Jill hosts Selfcare for Activists workshops in Seattle and stresses the importance of selfcare while also being active. And she talks about how everyone's activism looks different, and that that's okay. We all have different strengths and gifts, and that's where our activism lies. 

"You can't fight for others' rights if you don't take care of yourself."

Also, Jill is in a pop punk band called Young Go Hards, and we discuss sexism in the punk scene and how she participates in activism and feminism with her band. Along these lines, we talk about our "problematic favs" and how this is related to our feminist selfcare. 

"Anyone that's marginalized in a band, we need to build those bands up and get people to hear them." 

Annnnnd Jill gives tarot card readings as part of her Feminist Selfcare coaching practice. Read no more and give this episode a listen as part of your feminist selfcare! 

You can find and follow Jill here:

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