#47: Emelda De Coteau: Black Womyn Rising, Being Free, Transformative Love & Women Creatives

A mulit-passionate and highly creative person, Emelda, joins me to talk about a space that she created for Black women and girls whose voices have been left out of the narrative of police brutality. This space is called Black Womyn Rising and it includes Black LGBTQIA+ folx and lifts up voices and stories of trans women who have experienced police brutality as well. Emelda knows that "when we women come together, we not only transform our own selves and our own psyches, but of those around us too." She facilitates Sister Soul Talks, which is a space for healing that addresses the issues that Black women and girls experience in society. Emelda points out that "even in progressive spaces, the truths and experiences of Black women and girls are excluded." We must understand that no one is free if Black women are not free. We talk more about this freedom, and I ask her what freedom means to her personally. 

"How can we re-imagine possibilities, a new world, while we are also actively resisting?"

In this episode, we also talk about love and community. Emelda shares what transformative love and community mean to her. 

"If we can get away from the capitalist model of love and really truly see people's hearts and want to connect deeply with their souls, how much different would our homes, communities and our culture be?" 

Our conversation was DEEP and beautiful, and I know it will set you on a higher frequency like it did for me. :) Take a listen for your pleasure <3

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