#44: DEFINE: Are you new to this podcast? Start here!


Are you new to Real Feminist Stories Podcast? If so, then start with this episode! For those who have been listening for a while or are already familiar with a lot of the terms in relation to intersectional feminism and oppression, then this episode may not be for you, but please use it as a resource to give to other people! In this episode, I define some of the common terms that are used in my podcast episodes like patriarchy, intersectionality, White supremacy, privilege, ableism, cisgender, transgender, non-binary, pansexual, queer, sex positive, polyamory, etc.

Calling all educators! My podcast is a resource to educate folks on feminism, intersectionality, and oppression through the powerful medium of storytelling. I give you permission, and encourage, you to use my episodes as homework assignments, in your classrooms, for your audience and clients, and anyone you want to educate about these topics. Send them this episode to start with! 

If you aren't an educator but know educators, please tell them about Real Feminist Stories Podcast and this episode as the place to begin to listen!