#88: FEMINIST Not "feminine"

Having our agenda focused on FEMINISM and making a FEMINIST shift instead of a “feminine” one per say is important for being more gender inclusive and actually dismantling the patriarchy. It’s not that “feminine” is “bad” or the traits associated with it are “bad”. Not at all! In fact, ALL OF US regardless of gender need to embrace and reclaim our so called “feminine” traits because they have been denied and de-valued under patriarchy, AND we also need to be careful not to essentialize women as “feminine” and perpetuate the oppressive gender binary. There’s a both, and process here of reclaiming what has been de-valued and buried, AND moving beyond the binary. If our agenda is to reinforce a new binary, well, that’s still oppressive because we are NOT binary. We are whole, complex human beings. This one might challenge you, but that’s how we grow, right? Take a listen to learn more!

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