#82: Declutter Your Mind

In this episode, I talk about the importance of taking care of our minds. We tend to think of mental health as a "cure" for some people, and others are "fine", but the truth is, mental health is on a spectrum, and every single one of us needs to take care of our minds.  We all have minds, thus it serves all of us with minds to take care of our minds. Taking care of our minds involves de-cluttering our minds, removing the clutter that prevents us from connecting more to who we really are. Your mind influences so much of how you feel and what actions you take. De-cluttering your mind will help you be more at ease in your everyday life, connect more to your joy, and live the life you really want.

Are you a deep feeler and sensitive person who wants to learn how to declutter and shift your mindset, protect your energy, and use your gifts in ways that serve you? 

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