#33: Kristin Iris: Helping You Move Past The Bullshit, Integrity & Feminism, & Her Science Fiction Novel

Kristin is a beautiful and wise writer and transformation mentor who helps female creatives and entrepreneurs move past their bullshit to help them step into their power and thrive! In this episode, we dive DEEP into the bullshit stories that we tell ourselves, the ones that we've taken on, and that we can undo and transform. This also includes diving deeper into oppression, especially internalized oppression, and how that shows up with our business and with going after what we want in life and knowing who we truly are. While we focus on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in general, everyone (entrepreneur or not) can get some wise insights from this episode! 

In addition, Kristin is a creative writer who shares about the science fiction novel she's currently writing and how she weaves politics and social oppressions into it. We talk about writing diverse characters, and why having diverse characters in ALL media is extremely important and needed.

Also, Kristin shares about what equality, intersectionality, and freedom mean to her. And we discuss marketing and integrity, and how to align your actions with your feminist values. So much good, good stuff! Dive in deeper with us by pressing play at the top or listening on iTunes (see above)! 

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