#31: Ariana Emunah Felix: Astrologer Psychologist On Astrology, Spirituality & Social Justice

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all things." 

Ariana is a wise, insightful, Jewish, Latina, bruja, mermaid astro-psychologist! She describes astrology as helping people accept themselves more and offering them greater self-awareness. Astrology can also give one greater compassion and empathy for others. 

"It offers us more space for compassion and that's also revolutionary."

In this episode, I ask Ariana what it means to approach astrology from a feminist, social justice perspective, and how spirituality is interconnected with social liberation. As she points out, "We cannot truly reach social or global liberation without personal liberation." We talk about the marginalization of spiritualities, and Ariana explains why astrology hasn't been accepted in mainstream psychology. Ariana's belief is that one must believe in interconnectivity in order to believe in astrology since it's all about how we're interconnected, and offers an insightful perspective on social justice and oppression. In addition, we dive deeper into magic, focus, and the law of attraction! If you're confused about what any of this means, I promise you will find out in the episode! Just click play above or listen on iTunes (click below). 

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