#30: Husbands Who Have Taken Their Wives' Last Names

Have you ever thought why don't husbands (who are married to women) take their wives' last names? In this special episode, I chat with Mark, Petter, David, Jacob, Morgan, and one that remains anonymous, about taking their wives' last names. This is a deep seated part of patriarchy that we tend to ignore or avoid discussing in society. Each husband's story is unique and different. One person is not legally married, one identifies as genderqueer and another husband identifies somewhere on the spectrum. In addition, one identifies as bisexual, two as heterosexual, one as queer, and two as somewhere on the spectrum. All of them live in the U.S. (California, Ohio, Florida, Arizona), but two of them are originally from Sweden. Ready to learn more? Press play above or subscribe and listen to these important and awesome stories on iTunes (highly recommended)! 

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