#26: Nick & Viktor from MEGASheen On Black, Queer Geek Culture

I'm chatting with Nick and Viktor from the MEGASheen podcast that I love listening to. I appreciate connecting with them on Twitter and always hearing their perspectives. In this episode, we talk more about how they define intersectionality, the representation of Black queers in the queer community, being visible as Black queer podcasters, what it means to be an ally, Wonder Woman, and their favorite queer characters in nerd culture. If you love geeky or nerdy things, then you'll, especially, love this episode!

I want to share both Viktor's and NIck's definitions on intersectionality because I believe they're really important:


"Intersectionality provides a common space for everyone to have a voice and be respected for that; everyone has an equal spot, an equal voice." ~Viktor

"Intersectionality is a meeting of the mind where ego is not involved." ~Nick


Where you can find MEGASheen, Nick and Viktor:

MEGASheen's Website, Twitter, Twitter Podcast

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