#29: Katie Carney On Girl Power Now Productions & Her Background Working in Washington

Amazing Katie chats with me about her awesome production company called Girl Power Now Productions, media that centers on girl representation and better representation for all! She was inspired by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media after learning about huge gender and racial disparities in the media, which we dive into more.  Also, we talk about Katie's background in politics working in Washington with nonprofits for a long time including working on the Clinton campaign in the 90s and with the Gores. Before the Internet, when Katie was in her late 20s, she did some work for some of Trump's buildings, and shares about her experience meeting him along with her thoughts on the current administration. Lastly, Katie shares about her experience in Russia during the time the Soviet Union fell. This woman has experienced so much; I'm so fascinated by her life! 

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Along with Girl Power Now Productions, Katie works with animals (especially cats and dogs), who seem to be the love of her life, and are certainly healing companions, particularly at this time. If you're interested in cute kitten videos, subscribe to Katie's channel, Katie 911! on YouTube. 

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