#28: Deirdre Collins: Facing Her Fear to Sail Across The Ocean, Abortion in Ireland, The Fall

In this episode, I chat with my awesome friend, Deirdre, who sailed from Hawaii to San Francisco last year. I think it's incredible and wanted to sit down gwith her and ask her all about it! Deirdre, who has been sailing for years, reveals that embarking on this sailing trip was scary to her at first but she decided to do it anyway and it was an experience that she would even do again! If you've ever wanted to learn about sailing or sail, this is a great episode for you! Also, if there's something in your life that you want to pursue but are too afraid, then may this episode inspire you to take the plunge! In addition, we talk about abortion in Ireland, where Deirdre is originally from, and we nerd out about one of our favorite TV shows, The Fall (with one of our favorite feminist characters!).