#27: NiK Kacy: Revolutionizing Gender & Fashion, Gender Equal Footwear, Moving Beyond The Binary

NiK is a badass shoe designer who is revolutionizing gender and the fashion world. NiK, who identifies as gender-fluid, queer and trans, chats with me about their first collection of gender-neutral shoes with "masculine of center" style, what inspired them to create this collection, and how they want it to evolve. This episode is much more than shoes as we discuss gender, undoing and doing away with gender altogether. We talk about sexism around shoes/fashion, revolutionizing people's thinking of gender and what it means to be your authentic self, why the gender binary is necessary/unnecessary, how gender is subjective, balancing various identities, and how NiK left their dream job at Google to follow their deeper passion and dream. For anyone interested in gender, queerness, challenging gender and the binary, and imagining a different world, this episode is perfect for you! 

"The long-term goal is to change the world' perspective and fashion about gender and how gender doesn't really need to play a role at all in fashion because every individual has their own style and style is not limited by gender." 

NiK is creating a MOVEMENT-one that revolutionizes our thinking about how we've been conditioned and what we've been taught, one that helps us be more of our genuine, unique selves. 

"This is greater than me. This is for the world." 

Despite NiK getting pushback from shoe experts about their amazing gender-neutral footwear ideas, NiK did not give up and decided to take matters into their own hands. I hope their story will inspire you to do the same in your life with whatever your passion and purpose is. 


"I know that I am worth it, so therefore I'm going to do it."


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