#25: Monique Jones: Just Add Color, Love Based Activism & Feminism

In this episode, I chat with Monique about her awesome entertainment site, Just Add Color, which analyzes race and culture in the U.S. media.  We talk about how the media reinforces stereotypes and why it's harmful, and why representation matters. As Monique points out, "It's important to see people like you onscreen." In addition, I ask Monique about "love-based activism" and what that means to her. She makes it clear that love involves taking responsibility and not brushing things under the rug. Also, we talk about people finding their activism strengths inspired by her post Resist Trump's agenda with these 15 steps. Not everyone needs to or is able to march, and that's okay. There are many different ways to resist and be active. Find your strengths and embrace them whole-heartedly! Lastly, Monique and I chat about how feminism has left certain groups and people out and how we need be more inclusive. 

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