Diane Twineheart: Spiritual Life Coach To Woke Women, The Tarot, & The Connection Between Spirituality And Social Change

Diane is a spiritual life coach who helps "woke women struggling with negativity and self-doubt to step into their courage," a poet, and writer with a book coming out called "Soulful Tarot." In this interview, Diane explains what she calls "soulful critical thinking" and how it allows you to act with purpose and power. I ask Diane about the connection between spirituality and being "woke," and she talks about why she thinks we are going through a soulful evolution. 

Also, Diane shares about her challenging background of being raised by her White father in Canada and being estranged from her Jamaican mother. Because of her childhood experiences of being raised by her father, Diane reveals how her self-worth suffered and she grew up resenting herself, including being Black. It was the birth of her daughter that helped her embrace herself as a Black woman because she wanted her daughter to love who she was and embrace her Black history. In college, Diane learned more about feminism and it ignited a fire of passion inside her, and helped her realize that she wanted to change the world. Later, Diane discovered the tarot, which changed her life helping her overcome an eating disorder and find part of her purpose and and a way to empower women. 


  • Debunking myths of the tarot & how it can be a useful guide
  • The connection between marginalized spiritualities being oppressed and power & privilege
  • How undoing oppression can open you up to spirituality
  • My experience receiving a tarot card reading from Diane
  • Practicing Self-Reflection

Before the interview, I received a tarot card reading from Diane and it was amazing! It brought tears to my eyes because it was right on the mark having me feel validated, supported, and loved. The reading was very positive and true to where I'm at in my life right now, and it gave me some important encouragement that I needed to hear. Diane is awesome at what she does and I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you, Diane!

If you identify as a woke woman and you're struggling with negativity or self-doubt, then gift yourself to a soulful coaching session with Diane! Your soul will thank you :)

You Can Find Diane On Her Website or Twitter.