Megan Kearns: From Bitch Flicks, Aging Women in Film, Visibility of Women on Social Media

In today's episode, I speak with Bitch Flicks editor and social media manager, Megan Kearns. First, we talk about Megan's impressive background, and the importance, the positives and the negatives of women's visibility on social media. Then, we spend the majority of the time talking about Megan's passion of the representation of women and gender in film (and television), especially aging women in film. 

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Questions for Thought!

  • Why do you think the visibility of women on social media is important?
  • What portrayals of women in film and TV do you want to see change?
  • What films and television shows are "doing it right" in terms of representation of women onscreen?
  • What films/tv shows show non-stereotypical roles of aging women?