Mira Joleigh: Going through a Quarter-Life Crisis, Being a Drag Queen on the Inside, Radical Honesty, and How Being Your Authentic Self is Good for Business


Fierce feminist social Justice advocate, Mira Joleigh, helps ambitious women follow their dreams and turn their passions into success. 

Mira is a life coach in Los Angeles, but not just any life coach. When I first saw her video of her shaving her head and heard her come out as a lesbian and a former Dominatrix, I knew she was the life coach for me. I hired her for a session at the very beginning of the year, and it gave me the perfect boost that I needed in order to make a major change in my life. Being a part of the Ambitionista community on Twitter and Facebook has had a huge, positive impact on my life too as it helps keep me motivated to pursue my ambitions, and gives me community with other beautiful, uplifting women.

"Whoever you are or whoever you're becoming in the world it's important that you let the world see that. Whatever it is that makes you unique and fabulous, let that shit out, just be yourself."

Mira is also a strong advocate for social change and social justice, which she incorporates into her life coaching and the Ambitionista community. Now, Mira is no longer my life coach, and I am honored to call her a friend instead. For this interview, I met Mira (and her cats) at her comfortable home in Los Angeles and we talked about her journey to becoming a life coach, what defines a quarter-life crisis and how to be with it, being a former sex worker, how she's a drag queen on the inside, her practice of radical honesty, and how being your genuine self enhances your business.

You can find Mira on her Website,  follow her on Twitter, and join the Ambitionista community on Facebook

Questions for Listeners!

  • Have you experienced a quarter-life crisis? What helped you through it? What did you learn/discover?
  • Are you familiar with radical honesty? What are your thoughts on practicing radical honesty and how it can benefit your life?
  • Do you ever feel like you're in drag? If so, when?
  • What are you afraid to release to the world?
  • How can you be more of yourself in your business and your life?
  • How would you like to see social change/social justice be incorporated more into coaching, businesses, and personal development?