Meagan Martin: American Ninja Warrior, Pro Rock Climber & Following Her Dream to Be an Actress

"Girls can be strong. There really are no limitations. You can do what you set your mind to."

In my interview with Meagan, we talk about how she loves competing on a gender-neutral platform on American Ninja Warrior, her experience as a pro rock climber, how her parents have inspired her, and pursuing her dream to be an actress. 

What To Know Before You Listen

Meagan is part of "The Wolfpack," which is a close group of friends in Colorado who rock climb and all compete on American Ninja Warrior. The Wolfpack consists of Meagan Martin, Noah Kaufman, Brian Arnold, and Ian Dory. The Wolfpack is on a mission to fight childhood obesity and encourage people to be healthy. They have an awesome podcast, which I listen to weekly, where they interview all of the American Ninja Warriors, discuss a variety of topics related to health (both inwardly and outwardly), and give some handy healthy tips. They're always fun and inspiring, and sometimes make me emotional with their stories, and I love it! In addition to the podcast, they are going on a super fun tour-you can see what it's all about here

If you want to be inspired by Meagan's amazing rock climbing photos, follow her on Instagram. You can also find her on her Website and Twitter. 


Some Extras For You!

Meagan's City City Final's Run in Indianapolis, 2016! 

When Meagan made history being one of the first women who made it up the warped wall and completed a qualifying course. This was back in 2014, season 6 of American Ninja Warrior

Questions for Listeners!

  • How do you perceive and handle failure? What have you learned?
  • Have you ever experienced being "the first" at being or doing anything? If so, how did it feel and why was achieving that "first" important? 
  • What person(s) has inspired you to be who you are and follow your passions and how?
  • Is there a dream that you want to pursue that you aren't going after yet? If so, what will it take for you to follow that dream? How can you start pursuing it now?