#23: Natalie Duran: American Ninja Warrior on Strength, Confidence & Being An Everyday Ninja

You've probably seen Natalie Duran on American Ninja Warrior and/or Team Ninja Warrior. She's become one of the biggest stars and best athletes on the show! If you've seen her Instagram pictures and videos, then you know how impressive her everyday ninja skills and strengths are. In this interview, we talk about what got Natalie into rock climbing, what she loves about it, and how she gets yelled at all the time for climbing on things! Also, we talk about how she first competed on American Ninja Warrior in 2013, what Jessie Graff's defeat of stage one in Vegas has meant to her, and how she believes a woman could win it all! 

Natalie is one of the strongest people I've ever seen, and she talks about how strength is more than an physical attribute. She believes that she continues to smash stereotypes of women's strengths and reminds young girl fans that they are just as strong and even stronger than boys. In addition, Natalie talks about how being a part of a community has helped grow her confidence in herself. 

If you love seeing strong women, then you must follow Natalie on Instagram and check out her popular YouTube channel. She has such a fun and positive personality!