#24: Reflections of 2016 + Creating The New Year

This is the last episode of the year, 2016! Instead of an interview, I wanted to do a little something special to close out the year and reflect on how Real Feminist Stories was first created and how it's grown! Also, I share some personal reflections about the challenging and amazing year I've had. For anyone who wants to take a big leap in their life or knows that they need to step outside of their comfort zone to go after their desires and dreams and is feeling scared, this is a great episode for you! I share with you some big things I've stepped into this year, and how it's helped me grow in ways I couldn't imagine. In addition, I talk about helping you create and manifest what you desire and dream about in the new year. Lastly, I something new that I'm launching! Click the download button above or subscribe on iTunes!

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