Asha Dahya: Creator & Editor Of GirlTalkHQ On Feminism, Religion & Reproductive Rights

Badass, Asha Dahya, was born in England but mostly raised in Australia, and moved to the United States in 2008. She has a background as a TV host, is the creator and editor of GirlTalkHQ, a highly active feminist blog, and is developing two feminist TV documentary series!

Asha's feminist journey was sparked by the Christian community she was in, going through a divorce, and networking with some badass women in Los Angeles. It was this spark that led her to create GirlTalkHQ and become passionate about feminism, gender equality, and reproductive rights. Asha is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to women in religious history and shares short stories about prominent, revolutionary women in Biblical times. Also, in this interview, Asha talks about how the new wave of feminism is much more intersectional with a focus on anti-racism, disability rights, acceptance of various sexualities. In addition, Asha is in the process of developing two feminist TV documentary series. One focuses on abortion rights and the other on sexuality in religion challenging purity culture and improving sex education in the United States. Lastly, Asha shares how and where she wants to grow in her feminism. I'm excited for all that Asha is up to and I can't wait for her important developments!

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