#115: "Niceness" & Telling The Truth

Is it just me or are White people obsessed with being nice? This is something i’ve been noticing among White folks, myself included! We are so fucking obsessed with being nice and I think it's keeping us from telling the truth and our truth, and just being ourselves. In this episode, I talk about “Niceness” as a tactic that both White supremacy and patriarchy use to keep the systems of oppression going around.

When we are more focused on being “nice” than being honest, we run the risk of reinforcing oppression within ourselves and in society, and we are more likely to feel suffocated than free. I argue that valuing kindness more than “niceness” will serve us better, and that kindness includes being honest with ourselves and with each other. If you’re sick of being “nice”, and value kindness and telling the truth, then this episode is for you!

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