#108: Gender Isn't Necessary

We’ve been taught that gender is “innate”, that we’re born with gender, but we’re not born with gender, it’s assigned to us. We are socialized to be and act a certain way according to the gender that we were assigned at birth (even before birth). But, in this episode, I clarify why gender isn’t necessary at all. Gender conditioning isn’t necessary and neither is gender assignment. But, what about biological differences, you might say? Yep, I go over that too and encourage us all to ask the deeper questions and get super clear on how we define biology exactly. Plus, I give you practical actions you can take in your daily life to leave gender outside of the equation. Want to move beyond gender and deepen your perspective? Then this episode is for you!

Notes from the episode: Artist, activist and author, Emily Quinn’s TED Talk, “The Way We Think About Biological Sex Is Wrong”. Listen here.

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