#102: How Emotional Intelligence Is Connected To Social Change

This is one of my most essential episodes because this is the heart of it all! We are emotional beings, and we’re not going to stop having emotions, thus it will serve us to learn how to manage our emotions better and grow our emotional intelligence. This is incredibly important for creating social change because social change is emotional, feelings come up all the time, and the more we know how to manage our emotions with ease, the more effective we will be in creating the kind of social change we want in the world.

Growing our emotional intelligence will help our bodies get our of “reactionary” mode and into respond mode. This will serve our minds and bodies, and help us show up more in the ways that we actually want. When we don’t practice emotional intelligence, we are living on autopilot and in reactionary mode, which usually doesn’t give us the results that we want in our life and in society. Press play to learn more!

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