#65: 'Don't Be A Pussy'

This episode is all about language! I dissect two common gendered phrases and how they're factually inaccurate and getting to the bottom of what we REALLY mean instead. Also, I talk about when we use language from another community that we are not apart of like when white folks steal language from the Black community. This episode is not to be missed! Especially if you're interested in learning how you can embody social change, feminism and liberation in your everyday life. Enjoy, my friends <3

#64: Let Go Of Drama

Does believing or getting sucked into drama serve you? In this episodes, I talk about getting free of the drama in our minds as well as getting free from being sucked into other people's drama. All to help you learn what serves you and protects your energy. 

#63: Humor As Healing

I believe humor is an essential tool for healing, getting free and for our LIVES. In this episodes, I talk about why humor is an important part of healing and how it can be used to heal and getting free. Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy it :)

#62: Sex

Why don't we talk more about sex, as life coaches? Today, I want to talk about our sex lives for those of us who identify as sexual. This episode is great for anyone who identifies as sexual and is dissatisfied with their sex life in some way or wants to reclaim their sexual self and experience more pleasure. 

#61: Being With Discomfort & Rejection

This episode is all about how to be with discomfort and rejection when you don't get something you REALLY wanted. I share a personal rejection story of mine and how I sat with rejection and instead of trying to change it. 

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#60: bell hooks

This episode is dedicated to one of my first and most influential feminist teachers, bell hooks. I talk about some of her books and conversations that have had the most impact on me and my work, and what I think you will love too! Whether you're already a fan of bell hooks or not, this episode is a wonderful one to listen to. 

Episode Note: Conversation between bell hooks and Laverne Cox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oMmZIJijgY

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#59: Why You Don't Need To Improve Yourself

It's not about self-improvement. It's about connecting to who you really are. 

We've been taught this lie that we need to constantly improve ourselves in order to prove our worth and value. A lot of this comes from systemic oppression and is tied to perfectionism. But, it's not about bettering or fixing ourselves, it's about coming home to who we really are over and over again. 

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#58: Own Your Desires

This episode is all about giving yourself the space and permission to have and be with all of your desires without judgment or shame. ESPECIALLY acknowledge the desires you DO have shame and judgement about. Give yourself the space to have the desires you feel contradict your beliefs and values. 

Give yourself space so you can feel into your true desires underneath (like wanting to feel loved, accepted, connection, intimacy, etc...), and so you can decide which desires you want to take action on and which ones you don't. 

You'll also get a short guided visualization exercise at the end.


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#57: Internalized Oppression Part 2

In part 2, we explore:

*How the beliefs we have internalized about ourselves affect how we treat other people and what we believe about them

*If we want to enact powerful change in the world, we need to look into the stereotypes, beliefs, and myths we have internalized about other people

*Questioning what we thought we knew

*I invite you to go deeper into your beliefs about others

This episode is for those who have big visions for change that they want to enact in the world, or for anyone who wants to free themselves from oppressive beliefs about others. 

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#56: Internalized Oppression Part 1

It's when we confront the oppression that we have internalized, and be honest with ourselves about our thoughts, feelings, and decisions we are making that come from internalized oppression that we are experiencing more intimacy with ourselves, and creating more space to be who we really are and live the life we really want. 

In this episode, we'll explore:

*What internalized oppression is exactly

*Some common examples of how all genders experience internalized oppression

*Going to the root of our beliefs

*The thoughts we have that we have internalized from systemic oppression

*Investigating our beliefs and changing them to ones that better serve us

*Our power to choose beliefs that better serve us

*Freedom as a daily, committed practice of choosing ourselves

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#55: Gender, Intimacy & Being Vulnerable

In this episode, we'll explore:

*How gender conditioning can create a barrier to intimacy.

*What intimacy really is

*How you can have more intimacy with others and with ourselves

*Getting vulnerable

*Trusting yourself

*The value of self-coaching

This episode is great for anyone who wants deeper intimacy in their life. 

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#54: Gender Expectations Getting In The Way Of Your Dreams

In this episode, I talk about how gender expectations can get in the way of us living our dreams. I explore:

*How gender socialization influences who we think we should be, and how this affects how we live our lives.

*What we think we can/cannot do is based on who we think we "should/should not" be.

*Beliefs we have internalized from oppression about who we are (or who we think we are).

*How we are denied certain parts of ourselves because of gender conditioning.

*We can't live our dreams if we're not ourselves.

Questions for you to consider:

What have you been taught by society about what it means to be a "woman" or a "man"? 

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New Year, New Changes

Today's episode is different....I want to tell you about a transition I'm making with the podcast that I'm really excited about. Press play to find out!

Melissa Pintor Carnagey: Sex Positive Families & Gender Neutrality

In today's episode, I speak with the incredible, Melissa, who is a Parent Empowerment Coach and Founder of Sex Positive Families. Melissa talks about how to parent in a sex positive and gender-neutral way, and why this matters. Sex Positive Families operates under the belief that gender is a social construct and that it's important for us to socialize our children differently. Melissa shares how sex positive parenting has has positive outcomes in her home with her family. We also talk about why gender reveal parties, and gender expectations placed upon a baby because of their genitals is harmful. In addition to parenting in a gender-free way, it's important that we, as individuals, self-reflect and examine the gender we have internalized within ourselves and that gets played out in our everyday lives. Melissa is a powerful example, teacher and coach who is paving a different, more freeing way for us all. Whether you're a parent or childfree, this episode is for you if you want to gain a deeper understanding of gender, sex and liberate yourself from society's constructs and expectations. 

Follow Melissa at Sex Positive Families' Website, Facebook, and Instagram

Julie Parker: Gender Fluidity & Queerness Among Goddesses & Gods and Her Feminist Journey

In today's episode, I talk with beautiful feminist powerhouse, Julie Parker! Julie identifies as a feminist modern day Priestess, is a speaker, author, host of the Priestess Podcast, and the founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. We talk about Julie's background, growing up on a farm being raised by a loving, single mom in Australia. Julie shares two dark experiences that have made a huge impact on her, shaping who she is today and her feminism. Then, we chat about Julie's passion about the Goddess from a feminist lens, and gender fluidity and queerness among Goddesses and Gods, in particular. This is ancient, important herstory that many of us aren't familiar with, and I'm thankful to Julie for blessing us with this knowledge. You'll definitely want to listen to this one! 

You can find Julie at her Website.  

Krystal Covington: Women of Denver, Women's Economic Power & Women in Politics

I am chatting with the amazing, Krystal, a marketing consultant who created Women of Denver, "a social enterprise on a mission to help women know their value, build influence and ultimately earn their worth." In this episode, I ask Krystal about what inspired her to create Women of Denver and we talk a lot about women gaining economic power. We dive into the common beliefs and messages that women have received from patriarchy about our worth and what we deserve in relation to money and business. We also chat about her TEDx Talk, "Being Your Own Superhero" and the value of being an introvert. Krystal is passionate about more women getting into politics and shares about how she's been learning more about how women can and need to run for office. If you're interested in women making their own money, feeling deserving and getting into political office, then this episode is for you! 

Follow Krystal and Women of Denver:

WOD website, Krysta'ls Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Gender Does Not Define You

Let's talk about gender....

If you're interested in going deeper with gender, head here


Sophie Macklin: Feminist, Anti-Capitalist Money Coach

I was excited to speak with the wonderful, Sophie, who shares a different perspective on money, money blocks and abundance than what we normally hear in the mainstream and from money coaches in general. Sophie believes that we can use our gifts and make money while we're in capitalism while also working towards a different system. She addresses some of the most common concerns she hears from clients and feminists, one being the desire to serve the people in your community who can't always afford your work. I ask Sophie what she believes about money and if she uses affirmations to call in more abundance and money into her life. 

At the core of Sophie's work is healing wounds of capitalism, patriarchy and worthiness. 

"Being able to say I'm worthy of money is feminist."

She believes that changing the way we relate to money and redistributing resources is a feminist act. The relationship between feminism and money and capitalism is deep and complex, and Sophie brings more of this complexity to light. We talk about being honest about our financial needs, the obsession with earning six figures, money blocks, and what the real desires, needs, and feelings are underneath these things. As a feminist, Sophie values care, collective care and change, and talks about building from ourselves, our connections and our communities. 

Want to understand your money blocks and feminist abundance more? Give this a listen and take advantage of Sophie's offerings. 

Find Sophie on her Website, Instagram and Facebook

Emelda De Coteau: Black Womyn Rising, Being Free, Transformative Love & Women Creatives

A mulit-passionate and highly creative person, Emelda, joins me to talk about a space that she created for Black women and girls whose voices have been left out of the narrative of police brutality. This space is called Black Womyn Rising and it includes Black LGBTQIA+ folx and lifts up voices and stories of trans women who have experienced police brutality as well. Emelda knows that "when we women come together, we not only transform our own selves and our own psyches, but of those around us too." She facilitates Sister Soul Talks, which is a space for healing that addresses the issues that Black women and girls experience in society. Emelda points out that "even in progressive spaces, the truths and experiences of Black women and girls are excluded." We must understand that no one is free if Black women are not free. We talk more about this freedom, and I ask her what freedom means to her personally. 

"How can we re-imagine possibilities, a new world, while we are also actively resisting?"

In this episode, we also talk about love and community. Emelda shares what transformative love and community mean to her. 

"If we can get away from the capitalist model of love and really truly see people's hearts and want to connect deeply with their souls, how much different would our homes, communities and our culture be?" 

Our conversation was DEEP and beautiful, and I know it will set you on a higher frequency like it did for me. :) Take a listen for your pleasure <3

And follow Emelda here:

Emelda's Website and Instagram

and join her Women Creatives Chat on Instagram to connect with other women creatives!

also, follow her Pretty Entrepreneur account for entrepreneurs!

Jill Morris: Feminist Selfcare, Unlearning Fat Shaming & Everyday Activism


I loved talking with this powerful feminist about radical feminist selfcare. Jill is a health coach and nutritional practitioner with an intersectional feminist lens on health and care. One of the myths we tackle in this episode is the one about how being thin equals healthy and fat equals unhealthy. Jill is a big advocate for body positivity and educates about fat shaming and helps us get free from the everyday ways that we participate in fat shaming that we might not even be conscious of.  She believes, "There's no need to worry about someone else's weight or assume that their weight has anything to do with their health." In so many ways, society teaches us not to feel good about or in our bodies, and bringing attention to this is a big part of feminist selfcare. 

"We aren't allowed to feel good about our bodies."

Jill hosts Selfcare for Activists workshops in Seattle and stresses the importance of selfcare while also being active. And she talks about how everyone's activism looks different, and that that's okay. We all have different strengths and gifts, and that's where our activism lies. 

"You can't fight for others' rights if you don't take care of yourself."

Also, Jill is in a pop punk band called Young Go Hards, and we discuss sexism in the punk scene and how she participates in activism and feminism with her band. Along these lines, we talk about our "problematic favs" and how this is related to our feminist selfcare. 

"Anyone that's marginalized in a band, we need to build those bands up and get people to hear them." 

Annnnnd Jill gives tarot card readings as part of her Feminist Selfcare coaching practice. Read no more and give this episode a listen as part of your feminist selfcare! 

You can find and follow Jill here:

Jill's website, Jill's Feminist Selfcare Facebook Page and Instagram