Hello, I'm Cameron Airen. 


I help you manage your mind and emotions so you can feel more free and powerful.


I guide you on how to experience more intimacy in your life. 


I teach you how to be and feel better in your body. 


I give you the support you need to take action on living the life you TRULY desire. 


Why This Work?

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Intimacy is a human need for closeness, connection and an open heart.

You've been taught so many ways to close yourself off from intimacy.

You deserve to get your needs of intimacy met.

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Your mind, body, spirit are all working together.

You haven't been taught how to connect to the innate power of your mind, body and spirit.

You can take your power back and live the life you desire and deserve. 

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Revolutionary transformation begins on the inside. 

You've been taught to rely on external sources for your fulfillment and to create powerful change.

The transformation begins inside of you.


A little about me...

I have over eight years of experience helping folks of all genders connect to and take care of their bodies, emotions and mental health, supporting individuals to grow more into themselves and show up more powerfully in the world.

In addition, I have over a decade of experience studying gender, feminism, sexuality, social change and internalized oppression. My work is enhanced by my feminist perspectives and social consciousness. 

My work is all about mind, body, spirit and justice. 

I had no idea the depth that was coming for me in my session with you.... I”ve had so many reflections and insights in my brain. THANK YOU again for the work you do. Your candidness and realness is setting a very high bar in ‘the industry’. You’re seriously pioneering a new type of inner freedom for us!
— Victoria Bauman

Want To Work With Me?



Where we go deeper helping you experience greater intimacy, more fulfillment and live the life you truly desire. Because you are worth it and this is what life is all about. 


Are you a socially conscious leader, business owner, teacher, coach, boss, or creative? I expand your awareness and help you integrate that awareness into your work so you can create the most impact and lead a better future. 

"I’ve gotten so much from our session. I’m SO glad I connected with you. I feel more at home in myself."
~Sharyn Holmes