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 up level your gender, social consciousness and take your business, work and life to the next level?  


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Prior to my session with Cameron, I had experienced a number of ah-hah moments while listening to her co-facilitate a workshop on sexuality and patriarchy, so was looking forward to further exploring these realisations and their implications in a one-on-one session. In just one hour with Cameron, I left with a plan for how I could challenge social structures and integrate my values and beliefs in my parenting, life and community. Cameron also helped me remember to balance this work with taking care of myself too - something that I often forget!

With every interaction I’ve had with Cam, I have left with a big realisation, an ah-hah moment or a sense of deepening on a soul level (and I’m not exaggerating!).

I look forward to working with her again soon - and in the meantime will shout praise from the virtual rooftops about her and her work. Thanks so much Cameron.
— Naomi Arnold

Prices below are for coaching OR consulting, OR both! Choose which one fits you best and we'll get started! And, of course, you can sign up for a free 20 minute chat first too. (All sessions take place over the phone, Skype or zoom.)


I've put together an amazing self-paced (mostly audio with a written guide) course specifically for deep feelers and sensitive folks to help you

~create the boundaries you need

~shift your mindset

~manage your emotions

~ lead from a clear mind and your intuition

~get free from some common oppressive beliefs you may have internalized

plus sooo much more!

In addition, you can choose the PLUS option to get the course AND two 1:1 sessions with me.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Learn more by clicking below.


This program is for cisgender or non binary identified entrepreneurs or creatives who want to become a more gender conscious leader of change.

It includes:

4 Videos to guide you through an awareness + visualization + integration process

Two 1:1 60 Min Sessions ((one in the beginning to go over your goals and desires, and get you started, and one at the end to help you integrate all that you've learned and make your vision come to life)

Gender Awareness + Reflection Guide

Shift Your Gendered Language Cheatsheet

30 Min Check-In Session during the middle of the program to check-in and offer support

Extra Resources to help you further your learning and awareness after the program

30 Min Follow-Up Call two weeks after you've completed the program

It's not just a learning about gender from a theoretical point of view, but actually taking the theoretical and putting it into action + doing self-reflection exercises to better understand how you've been affected by gender conditioning. 

While this program is NOT a Gender Studies 101, it is a mini lesson into gender, and you will learn about gender from a queer feminist perspective.

If you're looking for a crash course in expanding your gender awareness, and learning how to re-vamp your mindset around gender and integrate this next level of consciousness into your business, creativity, community and life, then this is the program for you, and I can't wait to work with you!


Want more 1:1 time together to really dive in?

Then this is an excellent option for you, deep feeler.

You will get:

FOUR 1:1 Sessions + extra resources I’ve created for you.

We’ll meet every other week for 2 months, and you will get the personalized support you need to thrive in all areas of your life and in the world.

During our time together, we can dive deeper into any of these examples:

~ Freeing yourself from internalized patriarchal beliefs that aren’t serving you

~Setting the boundaries you need & feel amazing doing so!

~Bridging your passion for social change with your gifts/strengths

~Making your vision for change (both personal & social) come to life!

~Helping you feel more confident, at ease, and whole in your mind, body and whole being

~You thriving and shining as a deep feeler and/or sensitive soul


  • Protect Your Energy Guided Meditation

  • Shift Your Mindset & Feel Better Guide & Audio\

  • Get Clear On Your Vision Exercise

  • 23 Page Guide To Getting Free From Patriarchal Beliefs

I can’t wait to work with you!

*I work holistically acknowledging the mind, body, spirit, and justice connection. Mindset is also connected to your body, heart, spirit, systemic and internalized oppression.  

PRICE: $600



Depending on what your biggest struggles and desires are right now, here are some ways I could support you in our 60 minutes together:

1-2 internalized (oppressive) beliefs that are keeping you from owning all of who you are, and help you begin to free yourself from them.

Learn 1-2 ways you can protect and restore your energy, and practical tools of how you can implement this into your everyday life.

Learn what boundaries you need to fully show up in your life and thrive, and create an action plan to put these boundaries into place.

Focus on one area of your life that you're wanting to improve or change (often times, when we focus on one area, that influences other areas too in ways that serve us better)

You will leave our session with an action plan on how you can get some of your needs met so you can own ALL of who you are and show up as your FULL self. My intention is for you to feel more at ease, more free and a little more confident in yourself and inspired to live how you REALLY want and need.

*I work holistically acknowledging the mind, body, spirit, and justice connection. Mindset is also connected to your body, heart, spirit, systemic and internalized oppression.



We could go over a few of the following during our time together:

~ Your website copy or creative, business projects shifting language to reflect the ways you want to be inclusive and create a new way of being

~ Bring you up to speed on gender or take you to the next level of awareness

~ Go over how you can begin to create a safer, more inclusive environment and atmosphere to best support your team, participants or clients

~ Talk about how you can use your platform to address gender and sexuality and introduce this awareness to your audience~

You will leave our session with some practical shifts you can make in your work, projects or business that reflect how you want to show up and are gender conscious. You will have an action plan that you will feel inspired to implement. 

It is my intention that you feel more confident in integrating this next level awareness into your work and everyday life, that your mind feels open and expanded, and you desire to learn more. 



In this 60 Min Session,

We bridge your strengths, gifts, and main passions and interests so you can find YOUR role in social change and where you are most effective.

I believe that everyone has a unique role in social change that is tied to what they are most passionate about and interested in in life.

But, not everyone sees the connections and knows how to integrate the connections. I’m here to help you do that.

Book below to discover your role and begin taking action!

BONUS: You get my Get Clear On Your Vision Exercise Guide when you book this session.

Speaking, Guest Teaching, Facilitating & Interviews

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