You are either ready to say

HELL YES to your superpowers and learn how to thrive and shine.

Or, you are ready to up level your gender, social consciousness and take your business, work and life to the next level.  

Or, both! 


I'm so glad you are here. I am honored to support you.


Prior to my session with Cameron, I had experienced a number of ah-hah moments while listening to her co-facilitate a workshop on sexuality and patriarchy, so was looking forward to further exploring these realisations and their implications in a one-on-one session. In just one hour with Cameron, I left with a plan for how I could challenge social structures and integrate my values and beliefs in my parenting, life and community. Cameron also helped me remember to balance this work with taking care of myself too - something that I often forget!

With every interaction I’ve had with Cam, I have left with a big realisation, an ah-hah moment or a sense of deepening on a soul level (and I’m not exaggerating!).

I look forward to working with her again soon - and in the meantime will shout praise from the virtual rooftops about her and her work. Thanks so much Cameron.
— Naomi Arnold, Award Winning Business & Life Passion Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Engaging Women Ambassador and Human Rights Activist

Prices below are for coaching OR consulting, OR both! Choose which one fits you best and we'll get started! And, of course, you can sign up for a free 20 minute chat first too. (All sessions take place over the phone, Skype or zoom.)

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Coaching + Consulting Package $1000

Many of my clients want a combination of teaching, consulting and coaching, so I have created an option for you to experience all of it in one package. You will reclaim your superpowers, learn how to thrive and shine AND grow your gender awareness and learn how you can integrate it into your work and everyday life. 

  • Six 60 Minute 1:1 Sessions (2 Months)

  • Resources, tools, and exercises to support your learning, growth and enrich your experience

  • Weekly email check-ins to help you feel supported and connected

*We’ll take a week break after each 3rd week to help you digest and integrate the work we've gone together


90 Minute Mindset Session       $200


If you're new to reclaiming your superpowers as an introvert, empath and/or HSP and want to dip your toe in to get a taste of what this might mean for you, then I recommend this session. 

In this 90 min session, we will:

  • Go over 1-2 internalized beliefs that could be keeping you from owning your superpowers you want to get free of
  • Learn 2-3 ways you can protect and restore your energy
  • Add new selfcare tools to your foundation, including setting boundaries that you need in order to thrive and shine.

You will leave our session with an action plan on how you can get your needs met so you can own ALL of who you are and show up as your FULL self. My intention is for you to feel lighter, more free and a little more confident in yourself and ready to go after what you REALLY want and need. 

*I'm currently redoing my packages and will have new ones posted soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to work with me longer term, fill out my Contact form or DM me on Instagram and I will send you options for coaching packages with me. 

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Reclaim Your Superpowers




Gender Consulting Session




Gender Consciousness Session      $200

  • 90 minute 1:1 session  

  • We'll go over the top 2-3 changes you want to make or implement into your business/work.

  • Teaching and consulting to bring you up to speed on gender or take you to the next level. 

You will leave our session with a deeper understanding of gender, socialization and how we are all affected by it. You will have an action plan that you will feel ready to implement. 

It is my intention that you feel more confident in integrating this next level awareness into your work and everyday life, that your mind feels open and expanded, and you desire to learn more. 

*I'm currently working on creating new packages for clients who want to work longer term with me and really up level their awareness. In the meantime, if you would like this, please fill out my Contact form or DM me on Instagram and I will send you options for consulting packages. 


Book Me As A Guest Teacher/Facilitator/Speaker for your online course, classroom, program, training, project, event, etc.

*My Fees are:

60 Minute Booking = $150

90 Minute Booking = $200

*For in-person booking, contact me for details.

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*Payment plans are available for any of the packages above. If you want to book one of the packages above and need a payment plan, please Contact Me and let me know, and we'll get started!

*I do offer a certain number of scholarships available per year for folks who need them. If this is you and you really desire to work with me, please Contact Me and let me know, and we'll work something out! I'd love to hear from you.