Are you ready to up level your gender consciousness, be more inclusive in your business and life, and be a part of a new, freeing future?

But, don’t know where to start or how to integrate what you’ve been learning?

Or, maybe you’re completely new to learning about gender, and you’re curious to find out more with someone you trust who knows their stuff.

If you wish you had taken a Women & Gender Studies course in college…

Or, you did take a Women & Gender Studies course in college, but wanted it to be more practical…

Then, this will be the course for you!


I’m on a mission to…

Unlearn patriarchy, sexism, oppression and get free from gender norms and constraints.

And, help you do the same!

Are you with me?

I took Cameron’s Gender Program and it taught me SO MUCH. Specifically, the program taught me why gendered language isn’t necessary and to dig deeper to better explain what I was trying to describe with gendered language instead of using the gendered language. This helped me gain more clarity on my offerings and, I believe, has made me a better copywriter. In fact, I effortlessly was able to write a sales page that spoke to my target audience without invoking gender at all.

Cameron is a wise, compassionate and grounded instructor. I can’t recommend the Program more highly.
— Darla Antoine

I’m Cameron Airen

A Feminist Mindset Coach & Gender Consultant.

I have a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from Eckerd College, and a MA in Anthropology & Social Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

I have 14+ years of studying feminism, gender, sexuality and social change.

I help caring bosses, solopreneuers, creatives and leaders increase their gender awareness, move beyond a gender binary mindset, and integrate this next level consciousness into their work, business, creativity, and everyday life.

I’m ALLL about fucking with gender norms/stereotypes/expectations, and helping you get free from patriarchal beliefs and the gender binary way of thinking so you can feel free and create this freedom in the world.


Gender affects all of us, and we all have a role to play in shifting patriarchy, sexism and the gender binary.

Cameron held such a safe, non-judgemental, playful space for our youth mentors to start understanding more about gender and how we can be inclusive in our own businesses with our students. Cameron met us where we were at and we all walked away with new learnings and practical ways to implement them. I’m incredibly grateful Cameron!
— Amanda Rootsey
Working with Cameron has been life changing for me and incredibly transformative for my business as well. They truly helped me to understand internalised oppression and gender issues at a much deeper level, which in turn has helped me become a better trainer, leader and person. I highly recommend Cameron to any person wanting to unpack their gender bias (we all have it!) and work in a much more holistic, inclusive and supportive way that is open to people of all gender identities. I know that the work we have done together has already positively impacted my training and work and in turn that will be passed on to so many others.
— Julie Parker

My NEW gender course will be an intellectual learning + personal growth + practical actions!

I always wanted academia to not just teach us the theory, but to help us put the theory into action in our everyday lives. And, I was tired of being treated as a “floating head” without a body, feelings, and spirit.

That’s what my course will do differently. It will teach you how to put the theory into action, AND acknowledge your whole being: mind, body, heart, intuition.

It will also encourage you to self-reflect, as I do not believe we can create real, sustainable change without personal reflection. Our personal liberation and our social, political liberation is bound up in one another.

This course fully recognizes that, and helps you grow more into who you are, and create more freedom for yourself AND in the world.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK into most of the material that will be covered:

  • Intro to feminismS & various feminist movements throughout herstory

  • A deep look in gender, sex & sexuality

  • How gender & sexuality differ but are connected

  • Unraveling biological "sex"

  • Breaking down gender identity, gender expression, and gender norms/expectations

  • Sexism, patriarchy & the gender binary

  • Intersectionality and queer of color critique

  • Gender across cultures

  • The link between colonization, the gender binary and patriarchy

  • Trans & Nonbinary Role in Herstory 

  • Unearthing womxn's herstory

  • Internalized Oppression

  • Mindset & Self-Coaching

  • Integrating a feminist mindset

  • Feminist & Queer Theory & how they can liberate us

  • Gender essentialism & how this reinforces oppression

  • Gender is a performance

  • How patriarchy is harmful to everyone

  • Freeing ourselves from heteronormativity 

  • Redefining power

  • Accessing & owning your inner power

  • Privileges & how to use your privilege

  • Creating new possibilities

  • Creating your vision and putting it into action

  • How to use language for social change

  • How emotional intelligence is essential for social change

  • Practical actions

  • Personal Growth & a Feminist Analysis

  • Integrating your feminist lens into everything

  • How to be the feminist leader that you want to be in your community

I’m in love with your approach to change! Thank you for bringing this clear, thoughtful, non-blaming, non-judgmental and shame-free approach. It’s encouraging and so helpful.
— Becca B.

In the meantime, grab this Cheatsheet below!

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Become a more gender conscious leader & create more freedom in the world!

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I love this Cheatsheet, so useful. I still have a lot to unlearn, especially the ‘feminine/masculine’ point about things like spirituality or sales and business styles.
— Ellen
I really love the gender awareness Cheatsheet. You raise important questions, and your approach is encouraging and shame-free. Thanks for putting this awesome work out in the world.
— Wendy