How To Shift Gender Binary Thinking


If you're interested in shifting your gendered language, I imagine that you're also interested in shifting gendered binary thinking as well.


So, I've created a little video for you to help you begin to move outside of the gender binary mindset and question the gender conditioning that you've been taught.


Gender affects all of us, and we all have a role to play in shifting patriarchy, sexism and the gender binary.


My tip for you today is to begin to move beyond gender binary thinking.

Begin to bring awareness to your thoughts and beliefs around gender. What's going on in your mind? What are your beliefs about gender? What are your beliefs about "women" and "men"? 

Begin to notice how gender shows up in your thinking, in your mind, in your everyday life and your interactions with others.

I believe that it begins in the mind from our beliefs about one another, about what it means to be a "woman" or a "man." Being more aware of how you think about gender will help you begin to move beyond it. 

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I want to shine a light on Cameron and their work with gender awareness. Cameron has taught me a lot with great compassion, grace and wisdom.
— Darla Antoine
Cameron, your support and guidance was paramount. To any business or individual wanting support as they navigate any gender related issues, I can highly recommend Cameron as a consultant and coach. I feel so supported by her on an ongoing basis