Gender has always been considered a fact, immutable. We now know, it’s actually more fluid, complex, and mysterious.
— Geena Rocero

Become a More Gender Conscious Leader


You are an amazing leader who cares about social change and you want your business, work and creativity to reflect that. 

You are interested in increasing your level of awareness and integrating this awareness into your work. 

You are ready to create MORE powerful change in the world.

You want to be more inclusive and use language that reflects that.

You want to be the most conscious leader that you can be and create positive impact.

And you need some next level awareness and guidance to support you.  


What this world needs more of are leaders (like you) who have the passion, empathy, knowledge and tools so you can be a part of creating a better world...


As a consultant, I help bosses, entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives integrate a gender and social consciousness into their work to be a part of a growing movement of positive social change.


The future is a more freeing place and I love supporting caring leaders who want to make a more powerful difference.

Working with Cameron has been life changing for me and incredibly transformative for my business as well. They truly helped me to understand internalised oppression and gender issues at a much deeper level, which in turn has helped me become a better trainer, leader and person. I highly recommend Cameron to any person wanting to unpack their gender bias (we all have it!) and work in a much more holistic, inclusive and supportive way that is open to people of all gender identities. I know that the work we have done together has already positively impacted my training and work and in turn that will be passed on to so many others.
— Julie Parker

With gender consulting, I will help you...

  • Move away from the gender-binary mindset

  • Expand your awareness of gender so you can grow your business, company, program or project into its highest potential and create the most impact

  • Learn what gender socialization is and how we are all affected by it

  • Learn how to be more inclusive

  • Integrate your new gender consciousness and inclusivity into your programs, courses or projects

  • Gain a deeper (intersectional) gender consciousness

  • Learn how you can talk about gender and its socialization with your clients, audience, participants, employees, collaborators, friends, family, teens, etc...

  • Envision what kind of an impact you want to have in society & bring your vision to life!

  • Incorporate fresh perspectives that challenge gender binary thinking, cisheteronormativity, whiteness, unconscious biases, and stereotypical ways of operating, marketing and relating to others.

  • Use your platform to address what matters the most to you and supports your future vision.

  • Learn how to create a safer, more inclusive environment and atmosphere to best support your team or clients.

  • Guiding/teaching you to take your work to another level to create the kind of inclusive, just, feminist, and liberatory society/community that you envision.

  • Feel more confident in sharing your work with the world and showing up more powerfully!


The future is a more freeing place and you get to be a part of building that. 


About Cameron

I have an Masters in Anthropology and Social Change, and a B.A. in Women in Gender Studies.

I have been studying gender, sexuality, feminism and getting free from oppression for over a decade, and have worked with various individuals in helping them get free from gender and sexuality constraints. You can read my full bio here.

*Friendly Note: I work with all gender identities and am sex-positive, sex worker-positive & LGBTQIA+ positive.

Cameron has taught me a lot and with great compassion, grace and wisdom.
— Darla Antoine

Here are some examples of what we could go during our 1:1 time together:

  • Shift language on your website copy or written projects/material to reflect the ways you want to be inclusive and create new awareness.

  • Bring you up to speed on gender or take you to the next level of awareness.

  • Go over how you can begin to create a safer, more inclusive environment and atmosphere to best support your team, participants or clients.

  • Talk about how you can use you platform to address gender and sexuality, and introduce this awareness to your audience.

  • Integrate a more queer feminist lens into your business, parenting, relationships, and everyday life.

  • Move away from “feminine” and “masculine” terms and shift your mindset beyond the binary to be more inclusive of those outside of the gender binary.

  • Get clear on your vision for social change and how your business and creativity can reflect this.


Are you ready to be part of a more freeing future that benefits everyone?


Cameron, your support and guidance was paramount. To any business or individual wanting support as they navigate any gender related issues, I can highly recommend Cameron as a consultant and coach. I feel so supported by her on an ongoing basis with professional followup, podcasts and newsletters that hit the spot. Her podcasts are grounding for me, comforting and thought provoking. I love to listen as I wind down for the day. I trust her perspectives and love her words. Cameron is totally committed to her work.
— Joy Arnott


Are you ready to up level your gender consciousness, be more inclusive in your business and life, and be a part of a new, freeing future?

But, don’t know where to start or how to integrate what you’ve been learning?

Or, maybe you’re completely new to learning about gender, and you’re curious to find out more with someone you trust who knows their stuff.

If you’re looking for a mini course into expanding your gender awareness, learn how to shift your mindset around gender, and integrate this next level of consciousness into your business, community and life, then my program is for you!

gender socialization clip 2.jpg

Here’s What’s Included In The Program:

~ 4 Videos to guide you through an awareness + visualization + integration process

~Two 60 Min 1:1 Sessions with Me (one in the beginning to go over your goals and desires, and get you started, and one at the end to help you integrate all that you've learned and make your vision come to life)

~ Gender Awareness + Reflection Guide

~Shift Your Gendered Language Cheatsheet

~ 30 Min Check-In Session during the middle of the program to check-in and offer support

~ Extra Resources to help you further your learning and awareness after the program

~ 30 Min Follow-Up Call two weeks after you've completed the program


This program is great for you if you...

~ Identify as cisgender or non-binary and want to expand your awareness of gender

~ Desire to learn how your business or creative projects can be more gender inclusive

~ Are curious about what it means to move beyond the gender binary in a theoretical AND practical way

~ Have an open mind and heart

~ Are new to this "gender stuff" but you are curious and ready to learn

~ Use a lot of gendered terms and find it hard to break free from gender, but are willing to challenge yourself and grow

~ Have worked with me before, and have another project you're working on or an issue that has arisen for you

~ Have not worked with me before, but are ready to dive deeper into expanding your gender awareness!


By The End Of This Program You Will...

~ Have a better understanding of gender, how we are all socialized by it, and how it has affected your life

~ Feel more confident in your knowledge of gender and how to incorporate what you've learned into your work, creativity, and life.

~ Learn practical ways of moving beyond gender and how to create this freedom in your everyday life and business

~ Feel ready to bring your vision to life that's in alignment with your true desires and liberation


Maybe you regret not taking a gender studies course in college, or maybe you took one and it made you want to learn more.

While this program is NOT a Gender Studies 101, it is a crash course into gender, and you will learn about gender from a queer feminist perspective.


You will leave this program with some practical shifts you can make in your work, projects or business that reflect how you want to show up and are gender conscious. You will have an action plan that you will feel inspired to implement. 


It is my intention that you feel more confident in integrating this next level awareness into your work and everyday life, that your mind feels open and expanded, and you desire to learn more. 

Prior to my session with Cameron, I had experienced a number of ah-hah moments while listening to her co-facilitate a workshop on sexuality and patriarchy, so was looking forward to further exploring these realisations and their implications in a one-on-one session. In just one hour with Cameron, I left with a plan for how I could challenge social structures and integrate my values and beliefs in my parenting, life and community. Cameron also helped me remember to balance this work with taking care of myself too - something that I often forget!

With every interaction I’ve had with Cam, I have left with a big realisation, an ah-hah moment or a sense of deepening on a soul level (and I’m not exaggerating!).

I look forward to working with her again soon - and in the meantime will shout praise from the virtual rooftops about her and her work. Thanks so much Cameron.
— Naomi Arnold
Cameron held such a safe, non-judgemental, playful space for our youth mentors to start understanding more about gender and how we can be inclusive in our own businesses with our students. Cameron met us where we were at and we all walked away with new learnings and practical ways to implement them. I’m incredibly grateful Cameron!
— Amanda Rootsey
Cameron is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met! She is wise, insightful, and a great listener, always making sure she knows exactly what kind of help you need. And she really knows how to market!
— Celeste Hirschman
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