You haven’t changed. You have only become more of yourself.
— a friend of Oprah's


Deep Feeler, Deep Thinker & Sensitive Soul, You Are Highly Gifted. 


You just haven't been taught *how* and *when* to use your gifts in ways that serve YOU, 

and, in turn, serve the rest of the world. 


You haven't been taught how you can let go of the "burdens", protect and replenish your energy, and show up as your full self shining in the world. 


There's nothing 'wrong' with you. You are valuable and worthy. You just need a little guidance to help you reclaim your superpowers and FULL self so you can thrive and shine in all areas of your life!



I help you...

Create a STRONG selfcare foundation

Learn how to set the boundaries that you need

Learn how to have a clear mind and manage your emotions so you can feel more free and powerful.

And learn how to protect your energy so you can thrive in all areas of your life. 

I teach you how to reclaim your superpowers so you can go from feeling like 'it's hard to be me' to,

"It's incredible to be me. I know how to use my gifts in ways that serve me and the world."


You Are Ready To....


Own Your Superpowers.


Take control of your mind and emotions.


Connect more with your body and inner wisdom.


Set firm yet loving boundaries for yourself. 


Free yourself from oppressive and limiting beliefs. 


Live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. 


Free yourself from society's expectations and define yourself on your own terms.


Unlearn perfectionism and the constant strive to improve.


Be more of your full self and show up more powerfully in the world. 


Get outside your comfort zone and take action on living more of your desired life. 


Does this sound like you?


Here's more of what I help you do....


Create more freeing beliefs and ways of relating that are in alignment with who you are and what you want

Learn how to manage your mind and emotions so you can experience more freedom and joy

Make conscious decisions that support your highest being

Get into your body to connect to your inner wisdom and make more conscious decisions from a grounded place

Envision the relationships you really want to have and begin to take action on creating them

Begin to embody and practice the kinds of changes you want to make in your everyday life

Take action to create the life you REALLY want

Learn what your role is in activism and how you can use your superpowers to create the social change that you want

Expand your awareness of how societal expectations and norms impact your everyday experience and free yourself from the ones that aren't serving you 

Learn how to identify what's serving you and what isn't serving you, and take action to better support you

Learn tools to strengthen your self-love foundation (because this is the most important foundation for your life)

Grow more into your powerful, deserving self


You deserve to thrive and shine, love.

And be ALL of you. 


Are you ready to reclaim your superpowers and learn how to use them best?


I invite you to schedule a [FREE} Connection Call with me where we will

connect, go over your desires and goals, and identify some shifts that need to happen in order for you to reach your desired results. We'll determine whether working together would be a good fit.

There's no pressure. If it feels right, it feels right. If it doesn't, then that's okay too. Want to find out?

"Working with Cameron has taught me so much about myself. She is incredibly gifted at bringing out the best in others. She's perceptive and wise, pushing you to link ideas and beliefs together to make astonishing self-realizations, all without ever feeling pressured. She's approachable, personable, and very perceptive. I'm not sure how she does it, but she has a unique way of making others open up and explore who they truly are." 
-Diane Twineheart, Writer, Poet & Spiritual Life Coach


About Cam



I have an Masters in Anthropology and Social Change, and a B.A. in Women in Gender Studies.

I have over eight years of experience helping folks connect to and take care of their bodies, emotions and mental health, and support individuals to grow more into themselves and live the life the truly desire.

In addition, I have over a decade of experience studying gender, feminism, sexuality, social change, internalized oppression, and helping folks create more powerful change in the world. You can read my full bio here

*Friendly Note: I work with all gender identities and am sex-positive, sex worker-positive & LGBTQIA+ positive. 

"Cameron REALLY hears me and provides me with intuitive feedback. She has been a great help to me and I highly recommend her to clients who are ready to make big strides in their healing process.  She is a gifted, caring, and intuitive listener and teacher."  


~Jaden Leigh

"Cameron RADIATES with positive energy,  always asking the right questions,  uber supportive and is  totally someone you want in your corner. I had so much fun working and getting to know her. Trust, you will NOT regret working with Cameron and having the most awesome time in your life."
- Shalese Nicole Heard

There's absolutely nothing 'wrong' with you. You are highly valuable. You just need another perspective and to learn how you can use your gifts to thrive.