Why You Don't Need To Change The World

Why You Don't Need To Change The World

I’ve been thinking about how this whole desire or idea to “change the world” is a White-savior colonialist one.

Why does everyone everywhere in the world need changing?

Who are we to think that others need to change?

This often falls into the mindset of “my truth is the ultimate truth for everyone and everyone needs to change their ways to mine”, which comes across as arrogant and oppressive.

One person can make a big difference in their community, and even in society and in the world. We see a lot of people having major influence over the entire global like Michael Jackson, for example, whose music was appreciated globally.

But, to change every person and culture in the world is colonialist. 

No one needs to be saved. Yes, some people want and need help out of the circumstances they are in, but no one needs to be fundamentally saved.

So, instead of wanting to change the world, let’s get more specific and shift our language.

Who is your community?
What does your community want and need?
What do you want to create for your community?
What value do you want to give to your community?
What kind of contribution do you want to make?

And, please know that I’m not talking about free labor. Some things, you will want to give and create for free. Other things, you will not. You get to decide. Yes, you can charge for your services. It can be a gift to do so, and you do need to make a living after all.

Please don’t fall into the patriarchal trap of giving and giving until your cup runs dry. Fill up your cup first, then give from that place. Or, you can do both at the same time if you can manage that balance. 

Think about the contribution and impact you want to make and the value you want to create, and do that. 

You don’t need to try to change other people, or try to get the whole world on your side. Just show up for yourself and the community you can and want to serve or create value for.

Remember, you are not for everyone and not everyone is for you. Do you and your thing, and forget about the oppressive belief that you should please everyone. Let that shit go. There is no way you can please everyone.

So, changing the world? Not so much...

It’s more like making a contribution and creating value being your whole self and doing your thing.

That’s what gets me out of bed every morning (that, and mushroom coffee that I’m obsessed with ;))

Want support in discovering your contribution and role in social change? I can help. Book a session here.

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