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Talia Molé: Giving a Platform to Childfree Women & Autonomous Education
"There’s something beautiful that happens when you come together as a community and you say all of the things that people are afraid to hear. But, because there’s power in numbers, it just gets louder and louder and louder. That platform to me is important because I just want it to get heavy. I want it to be filled with as many women as I can bring."

This week, I sat down with Lisa Hunter and Talia Mole, who are starting a nonprofit called Carved Space” in the San Francisco Bay Area. I met these two amazing women last year at the California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco) in the Anthropology and Social Change program, where they are getting their PhDs and where I graduated with my Master’s last May (2015).

Part 1 focused on the Carved Space nonprofit that Lisa and Talia are creating along with Lisa’s experience in the Navy and how that has helped create a veteran leg of the nonprofit. Part 2 focuses on Talia’s project that gives a platform to childfree women and on another nonprofit that she’s a part of about autonomous education.

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