Why Your Sensitivity Is A Gift

Did you know that 20% of humans are highly sensitive? Highly sensitive means that you are sensitive to sensory imput, which pretty much means everything around you. It means that you are pretty much sensitive to everything, but, this is a good thing.

Sensitivity has gotten a bad rap because it has been associated with women, as an essential trait that women possess, and, in a patriarchal society, women are less valued. Sensitivity has been seen as “feminine” and “femininity” has been devalued because it’s been associated with women.

Now, of course, this is ridiculous because sensitivity is not just a trait that women have. All humans have some kind of sensitivity though not all humans are HIGHLY sensitive. To speak within the gender binary, studies show that the 20% of humans who are highly sensitive are women AND men equally. No, it’s not that women are more highly sensitive than men. Sensitivity knows no gender, it's humans and our oppressive constructs that slap gender onto everything, which is connected to patriarchy all for the sake of power.

Since patriarchy has devalued sensitivity, a lot of people who are highly sensitive don’t think of their sensitivity as a gift, they think of it as a burden, and might even squash it and pretend it’s not there.

Those who have been socialized as men have been taught not to be “feminine”, so they can have a tendency to deny their sensitivity. Those who have been socialized as women also have a tendency to deny their sensitivity for fear of being further devalued, oppressed, shamed or not taken seriously. So, it really doesn’t matter what gender you were assigned or identify as, all of sensitive folks have ways we have denied ourselves and the world our sensitivity.

Is sensitivity really a gift though? Yes, it absolutely is. 20% of the population is a lot of people, and this would not be the case if being highly sensitive wasn’t beneficial for society. It IS beneficial for humans because being hyper aware of your environment and surroundings has survival benefits.

Having more awareness means that we are more thoughtful and conscious of people, our environment and society. It’s no surprise that many of us highly sensitive folks are involved in some kind of social justice or social change work. We feel things very deeply, and that also means we care very deeply. We are extra sensitive to injustices and inequalities, which puts us in a greater position to create societal change that is needed in the world. We often take action towards creating a more freeing world.

We sense and feel what isn’t being said. We know things that haven’t been spoken or obvious because our sensitivity picks up on it; it’s kind of electric. We sense energy very easily; it is one of our greatest gifts.

Our sensitive senses give us signs when things are “off” or when things are well. They tell us what kind of things in our environment are thriving and what aren’t, what’s good for our energy, and what isn’t.

If you want someone to REALLY listen to you, hire a highly sensitive person. If you want someone to help you change the energy of your home or environment, hire a highly sensitive person. If you want to hire someone for your team who is highly passionate, detail oriented and an excellent listener, hire a highly sensitive person. If you want someone who is creative, in touch with music and the arts, hire a highly sensitive person. If you need someone who is in touch with nature and animals, you’re probably best to hire or talk to a highly sensitive person. We are amazing beings with various talents.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean that we are in touch with our gifts, and know what we need to fully use them in ways that serve us. Too often, highly sensitive folks feel like their gifts are a burden because they can often feel overwhelmed and negatively affected by the world. This usually happens when you haven’t learned strong boundaries for yourself, what you need to protect your energy, shift in your mindset, and how to manage your emotions so you can be free and thrive.

It's YOUR time, sensitive one. It's YOUR time to reclaim your sensitivity. It's YOUR time to thrive and shine!

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