The Power Of Self-Touch

How often do you touch yourself?

Like, really touch yourself caressing or massage your own body?

I’m not talking about in a sexual way (though that's wonderful too, and self-touch can feel sensual). 

I’m talking about acknowledging your body with your hands because you have a body. You have body parts and they like your own touch.

Touch is healing and soothing. Self-touch is something we don’t talk about much, but it’s one of those self-love healing techniques that’s so simple and effective.

One of the things I like to do is lie naked and just caress my body rubbing my tummy, caressing my legs, picking at my armpit hair, kissing my arms and feeling apprciative of my body.

I also like to self-massage. This is something I learned early on in my life, even as a kid. I’m often sore or tight from working out or working on the computer, so it feels vital to give my body a little massage. I even massage my knees gently (it feels so good!). Have you ever massaged your own knees? Try it and notice what it feels like.

I also love touching parts of my body that don’t get as much attention like my stomach. Rubbing it without judgement. Rubbing it with love and appreciation. Do you give your stomach love?

What body parts do you avoid touching? What body parts are yearning for your caress? Where do you feel tight and could dig in and losen it up?

Self-touch is powerful.

It is healing physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.


It can help heal oppressive beliefs we may have internalized about our bodies.

Give your body some love. You have a body. It wants your touch.


XO Cam


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