Quiet Is A Superpower

As introverts, we have a powerful quietness.

(Though not all of us are shy. Shyness is a different trait altogether.)

Because we tend to live in extroverted societies that are overstimulating, quietness isn’t seen as a strength when it absolutely can be.

Our quietness is a superpower because it means that we are observant and very aware of our environment and whatever atmosphere we happen to be in. It means we are more attuned to energy, our own as well as others.

In order to be a keen listener, one has to be quiet to really tune it. Not all introverts are great listeners, but we certainly have the capacity to be if we develop that skill and learn how to master our superpower.

Being quiet also means we are deep thinkers, and we need more deep thinkers in this world. We need more thoughtful leaders, and the superpowers introverts have give us the strengths to be great leaders if we want to.

But, just because we’re quiet doesn’t mean we don’t like to talk, it just means we don’t have to talk all the time. It means we are okay with the space in between, and don’t need to fill it. We like the space to be space.

Some of us are the best talkers! But, only if we’re engaged in an interesting, deep conversation. It’s because we’re deep thinkers and connecting over depth suits our soul.

There are times when being quiet doesn’t suit us, however. Patriarchy has tried to silence women’s voices, especially women of color’s. In this case, quiet kills us, and it’s important for us to speak out and express our voice.

But, we know when being quiet is a superpower and when it is oppressive.


We know our deep, inner wisdom.

We have a deep, quiet, powerful nature. That is our superpower.


What is your favorite superpower as an introvert? Share in the comments below!


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