5 Tips On Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

5 Tips On Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone


If you want to show up more powerfully, create powerful change and grow, you can't stay in your comfort zone. Growth is never comfortable, but it is worth it. You are worth it. 

It was two years ago when I set out on my nomadic journey. My first inspiration to be a nomad came from one of my best friends, Jaden.

A few years prior to my journey, I watched Jaden leave her corporate job and apartment, buy a Sprinter van with her partner, Ralph, pack it up and hit road for indefinitely! They constantly inspired me with their travels as Jaden would write me often. I was thrilled for her and knew that it was something I wanted to do, but I couldn’t even imagine it for myself yet.

About six months before I became a nomad, I met a woman who housesitted full time and that was how she lived. I felt myself light up hearing more about her life. I never knew someone could do that! The nomad life sounded amazing but I still wasn’t thinking of actually doing it.

However, I knew that the Bay Area was wearing on me and I would often fantasize about leaving and living a new life somewhere else. My soul was hungering for a change. 


The hunger grew and grew to a point that I could no longer ignore.

So, I signed up for a session with a life coach, told her about my desire to move and that I was feeling scared out of my mind. Scared of leaving my friends and moving outside of my comfort zone. Scared of the magic that I could experience on the other side. The life coach I talked to told me that if I’m feeling stuck (which I was in more ways than one), that a move could be just what I need.

After our session, I felt so much lighter getting this hunger to move off my chest. She was the first person I told about my desire to move, and this allowed me to still feel my fear but take action anyway.

When I gave myself permission to have my secret desires and talk about my fear, the fear decreased and it’s power didn’t have a hold on me anymore.

This allowed me to truly feel my desire to move, to give my desire the spaciousness that it was begging for. Feeling more into my desire gave me the excitement and motivation I needed.

One month after that call with the life coach, I moved away from the Bay Area and began a deeper journey of listening to my intuition. I thought I was moving to LA, but my intuition strongly nudged me to live nomadically, and I listened.

I was scared, scared of the unknown, scared I couldn’t do it, didn’t have enough money, didn’t have a plan, so on and so forth but I kept feeling my intuition tell me that is right. I trusted. I trusted my intuition and the unknown even when I was scared and felt like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

I thought I needed to have a certain number in my bank account or an opportunity lined up before I could make this decision but I realized that if I was waiting on some external thing to propell me forward that I might never leave. I needed to take the action and see what flowed from there.

It was the taking the action part that allowed for other things to come in, but I had to take that leap of faith and jump into the unknown. And I did it headfirst.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but what I KNEW, what I felt in my bones and every part of my body was NOT to settle down. I thought, wow, is this my time to finally live nomadically? 

My inner wisdom told me YES. I still didn’t know how but I knew I had to trust that my intuition was leading me in the right direction.

I kept listening and following that inner feeling and things flowed. 

I didn’t live the way I thought I would live necessarily but I found various opportunities to support my nomadic life. Friends were generous wanting me to stay with them, friends needed housesitting, friends of friends wanted me to housesit for them, I hopped on a few housesitting websites and housesitted for wonderful strangers. Sometimes, I stayed in airbnbs with generous hosts that would let me stay longer and pay them cash. Sometimes, I stayed at beautiful airbnbs for great deals.

I also had the opportunity to spend more time with my parents, and mom and I got to hang out more (which is one of my favorite things) strengthening our relationship. This is something I couldn’t do when I had a static home and job because I had rent to pay and clients to see in-person. I couldn’t be away for that long.

A whole new world has opened up to me since getting outside of my comfort zone to take action on something I REALLY wanted.

Whatever your desire is that you’re feeling scared shitless about is valid. And it’s so worth taking action on because you are worth living your dreams.

What do YOU want that requires you to get outside of your comfort zone?

Maybe it’s move to a different location or take that trip you’ve always wanted

Maybe it's to leave a relationship that isn’t serving you or ask someone you’re crushing on on a date.

Maybe it's leaving your day job or change your career entirely or level up in your business.

Maybe it's experiencing more intimacy and pleasure in your relationship.

Maybe it's learning how to set the right boundaries for yourself.

Whatever your desire is, it's important. 

And, maybe you're feeling a lot of fear about inching more towards it for any number of reasons. 

Let's talk about that fear. I want to share my tips with you on how to help you move through that fear. 

How to get out of your comfort zone:

1. Acknowledge your fear. It's completely okay to have fear about what you want or where you want to be. That fear is natural. It's giving you an opportunity for growth. 

2. Feel your fear. Feel all of it. There’s nothing wrong with your fear. A lot of times we are afraid to feel our fear, but it’s feeling it that will allow you to move through it. Give yourself permission to have your fear instead of pushing it away and avoiding it. Then, you'll be able to give it less power. 

3. Feel into your desire underneath. What do you really want? Can you allow that desire to come to the surface? It wants space and attention. Feeling your desire will give you motivation to take action on it.

4. Take an action towards your desire.

In my example, my action was making the decision to move and choosing a time when to do it. I chose one month and told my friends, mom and significant other. I find that telling people keeps me accountable to actually follow through and it provides me more support.

My first action though was scheduling a session with the life coach because I needed to talk to someone about my desire, someone I knew who wouldn't judge me, and someone I knew who could relate. 

5. Remember you have the power to get outside of your comfort zone. You have the power to be with your fears and all the feelings that arise above your desires. And you have the power to move through the fear to let your desire shine through and take action in the direction towards your desire. 

There are a lot of different things that we want throughout our lives that lie outside of our comfort zone, and require us to move through fear in order to feel our desire more, and feel the motivation to take action.

This means you're growing. And that's a beautiful thing. 

Often, it's not the discomfort itself that's keeping us from taking action, but what we make of the discomfort and our willingness to be with the discomfort.

Are you willing to be with your discomfort in order to move through it? What are you making your fear and discomfort mean?

What's something that your heart desires that's outside of your comfort zone?

Are you ready to be brave and move outside your comfort zone?

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