Connecting To Your Intuition To Live Your Best Life

Your intuition is one of your deepest wisdoms.

Developing a relationship with it is essential for your well being and to live your best life.

We've been taught to value the logical/rational mind more than our intuition, which cannot be explained through logic and reason.

We've been pulled away from trusting our deep, inner wisdom and connecting to it and letting it lead our lives.

From experience, when I really listen to and follow my intuition, I feel better, things in my life flow better, and I'm more at ease. This is why I've become so passionate about listening to and trusting my intuition and want to help and teach others to do the same.

I started leading more with my intuition a few years ago when I moved away from the SF Bay Area (which was a desire that had been deep inside of me for a long time, but I was too scared to take action on), and it's completely changed my life, and how I want to live my life.

Leading from my intuition has given me more inner confidence, which has helped me as a woman in this society who has been taught to listen to the authority of others, especially men, before my own.

This is why listening to your intuition is a feminist act and an act of selfcare.

Society values the "logical/rational" mind, which it links to the "masculine" and "maleness" more than our inner wisdom (not that logic/reason is "bad"; I believe it should also be valued but not more than our intuition and inner wisdom).

Society teaches girls from a young age to listen to everyone except herself, to rely on external authority instead of her own, instead of trusting herself, her heart, her spirit or wisdom or intelligence. This is why listening to my intuition has given me a greater confidence that society has tried to steer me away from as a woman.

Society doesn’t just try to steer women away from their intuition, but men aren’t taught to connect with their intuition either.

Patriarchy knows no gender and since we live in a patriarchal society, we have all been taught to value our mind over our intuition.

We are all being disserviced from not learning to listen to and follow our intuition. I’m here to help change that and bring you closer to yourself (no matter what gender you identify as) and live the life you deserve.

Developing a relationship with your intuition will help you live your best life because it wants nothing but the best for you and never steers you wrong.

Here are my 6 ways to help you connect deeper to your intuition.

I recommend exploring all of these ways at different times and noticing where and how you hear your intuition the clearest:

1) Getting out in nature. Being out in nature helps you connect to who you are underneath/outside of society's constructs, oppression and conditioning. It reminds you of your interconnectedness to the earth, water, animals, planets, stars, the Universe...

Getting away from the stimulus of urban life and out into quiet nature where you can hear your intuition more clearly and feel that pure joy that's deep inside but gets covered with all of the various muck and stress and oppression of daily human life is essential to your life.

2) Sit quietly with yourself. This doesn't have to be a meditation per say, but just sitting in stillness without outside distractions helps you connect to your heart and gut, and to feel what's going on inside of your body.

3) Write to your intuition and ask it specific questions. Often times, writing things down can bring so much clarity and can be a gateway to our soul, where we can hear our intuition speak more clearly. Write down what arises without thinking about it. Let your body write instead of your mind.

4) Do something creative and that brings you joy. Feeling your joy connects you to your heart, which connects you to your intuition. Feeling your creativity connects you to your essence, which connects you to your intuition.

Tapping into our creativity is important for listening to our intuition, soul care, living our purpose, and creating the kind of social change we want to see in the world.

If we want to see a shift in society and politics, we need to come up with new, creative ways of doing things. We need to come up with new, creative ways of relating to one another, sharing and creating knowledge, implementing our imagination, taking inspired action, making a living, doing more of what we love and what brings us joy and keeps us healthy and well, and building a world that supports everyone's safety, well being, and them thriving.

Some of my favorite, consistent ways of getting creative includes dancing to loud music in whatever living room I'm staying in, letting myself free write, talking out loud and just saying whatever needs to be said without thinking about it, creating something new in the kitchen, thinking of funny scenarios in my head and how I can make my mom laugh (one of my favorite things to do in life that brings me pure joy), brainstorming/mapping and having deep conversations with friends.

I recommend doing something creative everyday for a week, big or small. This can include writing, journaling, painting, drawing, cooking, baking, brainstorming, moving your body, poetry, playing music, learning a new tool or way of doing something and trying it out, dancing, taking a different route (big or small), crafting, gardening, make someone laugh,....

Just doing something fun-anything! There's creativity in anything and everything.

Tapping into your creativity more will help you connect more to your joy, and this will help you connect more to your intuition, your soul or the true essence of who you are, and it will inspire you to create change from that place instead of one based in fear.

Creativity is vital to your well being.

5) Pay attention to your night dreams and let yourself daydream. Sometimes our intuition speaks to us through our dreams. It's okay if yours doesn't and if you don't remember your nighttime dreams. Let yourself daydream.

Allowing yourself to rest connects you deeper to yourself where you're letting your ego take a backseat.

Daydreaming can spark creativity connecting you more to your intuition.

6) Immerse yourself in water. There's something about being in water that connects us to our intuition and can offer us a download of ideas that are in alignment with our hearts. I've noticed that my intuition speaks the loudest to me with ideas when I'm in the shower or taking a bath. Now, whenever I feel stuck or confused or need clarity, I tell myself that I just need to take a shower!

When we connect to our intuition, we are connecting to our soul's purpose, and from that place, we will know what to do. We will then be guided by our soul's being, rather than our ego.

Try these ways of connecting to your intuition and let me know how it goes!

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