Why EQ Is Essential For Social Change

Why EQ Is Essential For Social Change

Activism rooted in emotional intelligence is vital.
— Maryam Hasnaa

When we think of social change, we might think of being out on the front lines of activism, fighting for a cause, questioning socialization, or dismantling systems of oppression, which are all essential components of social change.

But, what you may not think about is EQ, emotional intelligence, or what I’m calling emotional badassery these days. EQ is an essential tool for social change because as Maryam Hasnaa says, not feeling our feelings is “the root of all unhealed trauma, abuse, cycle, mental illness, hate and so forth”.

Systems of oppression have tried to disconnect us from our feelings. But, our freedom lies in feeling our feelings and taking responsibility for them.

Mind, body, spirit AND justice work together. It’s all connected. Creating true, sustainable social change requires being an emotional badass and having a strong, clear mind.

Taking responsibility for our own thoughts and emotions gives us power, and that power gives us the strength to move through shame and guilt and take action towards dismantling systems of oppression.

When we recognize that it’s not circumstances that cause us to think and feel, we are in our power, and we are in a position to create change. Because if we believe that we are victims of our circumstances, then there is no change to create, we are always at the mercy of our circumstances.

But, we know that’s not true.

It’s not the circumstances that control us, our minds or hearts.

Circumstances happen, and we get to respond to those circumstances however we want. Which isn’t to say that we will never want to feel hurt or grief. We want to feel the full range of human emotions because that is part of the human experience. We are here to have that human experience.

This is all excellent news because it means we are not powerless. In fact, we are powerful, more powerful than we think.

We can recognize that we have internalized certain oppressive beliefs that are not our fault, but are, in fact, in our power to heal from and shift.

Shitty things are going to continue to happen in the world. It’s up to us how we deal with that. Shitty things are always happening in the world, so much so that we cannot be aware of it all, and it is not our responsibility to be aware of it all.

If you’re an empath or Highly Sensitive person, then you feel this deeply, you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. That is a beautiful gift, and it’s one to create emotional and energetic boundaries with because it is not your responsibility to take on the world.

You are not responsible for the world. You are only responsible for YOUR part in it.

You can choose to be a more responsible, ethical ancestor, leader and human than your ancestors were and the other folks who lived before you.

That is your responsibility. That is your power.

To recognize that and to act on that is you being an emotional badass.

Personal growth and social change are interconnected. If we want to create true, sustainable, positive social change, we must also do the inner work to shift our mindsets, heal internalized oppression, and gain emotional intelligence.

But, not from a place of “you’re broken”. No, not at all. From a place of YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE.

You were not born broken nor did you become broken. You were always already born whole and have always been whole. It’s only a matter of connecting to your wholeness.

Remember, you are your best healer, and you don’t need to be saved, fixed or whole. You are already whole, and your inner being already has all of the answers.

Connecting to your wholeness that already is and growing your EQ will help you show up and create more effective social change. It will get you CONNECTED instead of disconnected to humanity. To your own humanity, and to the humanity of others.

This is what social change is all about. It’s about humanizing and valuing. Action from EQ is your ticket to inner and outer freedom.

Want to become more of an emotional badass? Coaching can help.

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