Why Energetic Boundaries Are Essential For You To Thrive

You’ve probably heard of energetic boundaries, but what does that mean exactly?

I want to let you know that creating energetic boundaries isn't some "woo woo" thing (nothing wrong with "woo woo" but that's not how I see it). There's no mind trick or magic wand that you need. 

I see it as incredibly practical actually. Because, energy is energy, and literally everything is made of energy. Which means that you have the power to use and change energy.

And, you have the most power to shift and be in control of your own energy. 

It's really that simple. Though it may not feel easy because it might involve feeling feelings that you don't want to feel or getting in touch with thoughts that aren't serving you. 

That might feel uncomfortable or unpleasant for you, but it doesn't have to be. You can be with your feelings and mind without judgment or shame. You can simply allow them to be and pay attention to them without struggle or resistance or drama. 

Your thoughts, feelings and sensations are just energy. Learning to pay attention to them, and focusing on your own energy is all part of creating what we call energetic boundaries

It's not hard, it just requires time and attention. You have to put the time and attention into creating the boundaries that you need for yourself. That means taking a few minutes to yourself to FOCUS ON YOU and YOUR ENERGY.

The more you focus on your energy and strengthening your energy, the better you will be at being with other people's energy. This is an incredibly valuable skill for you to have as a deep feeler. 

A lot of people don't take the time and attention because they think they need to be busy and always doing something else for other people, or they don't see it as "fun", or they're "lazy".

I totally get all of that. I totally get putting off giving yourself the time and attention that you need because something else feels more urgent or appealing.

But, what I've learned is that giving myself the time and attention that I need (whether it's for 5 minutes or a couple of hours) is the most important thing that allows me to show up in my work, for other people, and shine. 

Focusing on your energy and creating the boundaries that you need is THE main dish, everything else are appetizers or desserts.


That doesn't necessarily mean that you spend all freaking day meditating, exercising, visualizing, and journaling-HA! It means that this selfceare main dish is your foundation that is ALWAYS THERE and everything else sits on top of it or comes and goes fluidly on top of it.

But, your foundation is always there, and you do small practices throughout my day to keep it strong. It's not an all or nothing, or extreme thing. It's an integration, but your foundation comes first, not the other interesting stuff in life.

One way I know this is true is because as a deep feeler, I have learned is that if I don't strengthen and attend to my own energy as my foundation, then I constantly feel ungrounded, out of whack, and out of my mind around other people's energy.

And, that's a recipe for disaster.

There are more boundaries to put in place, but the bottom line is that YOU CAN CREATE whatever fucking boundaries you want and need. Boundaries are simply YOU giving yourself what you want and need. You get to do that. 

Want to learn how to set the energetic and other boundaries that you want and need?