5 Ways Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

It can feel tough to be an empath because we can feel the emotions of others easily. And, sometimes we can carry them with us to our detriment. It's tricky going out into the world because we pick up on all the energy. We feel everything. We feel the pain and suffering in the world. We also feel the love and beauty, we feel it all. 

It's part of our magic, part of our superpower. But, if we don't know how to protect and restore our energy, then our superpower can feel like a burden, and we can easily feel depleted. A STRONG selfcare foundation is essential for us to thrive in this world. 

Here are my top 5 ways to protect your energy as an empath:

1) Ground Yourself

It's important that you feel grounded every single day. If feeling grounded doesn't come easy to you (maybe you are very airy or fiery), make sure you develop a daily practice that grounds you and you commit to it every single day. 

If you are not grounded, then your energy is going to be all over the place and you won't be able to protect yourself from other people's energy. 

What grounds you? 

Is it exercise, meditation, yoga, sitting in stillness, journaling, feeling the literal ground in your front yard or back patio with a cup of tea? 

Be grounded in yourself first and foremost. I recommend engaging in your grounding practice at the start of each morning before you come in contact with other people, and, especially, before you check your emails or social media. 

Whatever it is that helps you feel the most grounded, commit to it every single day, love. 

2) Spend Sufficient time alone

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn't matter. Being an empath can suck your energy if you let it, thus spending time alone is essential for you to quiet the noise of the rest of the world and focus on your own energy. 

You need to attend to your energy before anyone else's and spending quality time alone is the way you do that.

But, make sure your time alone isn't spent on social media (because that's not time alone, that's engaging with other people's energy). 

Do something that's FOR YOU FOCUSING ON YOU. Maybe it's just lying on the bed doing absolutely nothing daydreaming, cooking yourself a delicious meal, getting creative, making art, dancing to music in your living room, going on a solo hike or run, getting crafty, writing for fun,  or watching a comedy (careful about watching thrillers or violence-this is not usually the best way to protect your energy),... 

How often do you spend quality time to yourself? If it doesn't come naturally to you or you create a busy schedule for yourself, then when are you going to schedule your alone time? Put it in your calendar now, love. 

3) Create Verbal, Physical & Energetic Boundaries

Boundaries need to be the heart of our selfcare foundation because without them, our superpowers feel god awful and we can fall into depression, addictions, and some dark places. We need boundaries to thrive and shine in this world. Even to survive. 

There are different kinds of boundaries that we need to create for ourselves: physical, verbal, energetic, spiritual, etc....

Ask yourself:

What do I need in this moment? 

Are there physical boundaries you need to create like shutting and locking your doors and closing the curtains? Creating some kind of physical barrier between you and another person or the rest of the world?

Sometimes, we need to verbally communicate our boundaries to people and THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. There is nothing wrong with this.

Patriarchy and social conditioning has told us to shy away from being direct about our boundaries. Being direct doesn't mean we have to be mean or cause some kind of drama. 

Being direct just means being clear. We can be clear in a kind, loving and warm way. Or we can be clear in a neutral way, whichever you prefer in the moment. 

But, remember, it's okay and vital to say "No" and "Not right now" or "Hey, I need some alone time for the next hour or so, can you go somewhere or...."

Other times, we need to create energetic boundaries. The awesome thing about energetic boundaries is that no one ever needs to know you are creating one! And you can do it anytime. 

You create an energetic boundary by visualizing boundaries in your mind. You visualize a different energy. For example, you might visualize a tall row of green trees or a stainless window between you and another person. Or, if you're wanting a harsher, more solid boundary, you could even imagine a steel wall. 

What boundaries do you need to create for yourself right now?

4) Take Care Of Your Body 

When we're not taking care of ourselves, we are more susceptible to other people's energy. We are more vulnerable to carrying what isn't ours. 

Are you taking care of yourself including your body?

Figure out what your body needs in order to be well (every body is different so you need to figure out what works for YOUR body not someone else's) and do it every single day. 

Commit to your personal wellness, whatever that is for you and your body. 

This will help you have a clearer mind, more energy, feel better and be more resilient in times when you are around a lot of energy. You will recover faster from overstimulation when you know how to take care of yourself and you put it into practice. 

Listen to your body and give it the love and wellness it needs because this is how you are going thrive, love. 

5) Have Fun & Connect To Your Joy

Joy is one of the best “shields” because when we are in our joy, nothing can stop us.

As empaths, we can easily take on other people’s emotions and can feel depleted and tired and “moody”, getting in our joy restores us; it’s healthy and protects us from taking on "negative" energy.

Know what brings you joy and feels fun, and strengthen it. Make sure this part of your selfcare foundation is really strong and can overpower people’s negativity.

Remember that the energy we put out there into the world is just as important, and joy is contagious so be deliberate about what energy you are receiving AND giving. 

What energy are you putting out into the world?

What energy are you giving to yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to have fun?

Engage in your joy every single day. 

Again, all of these practices are daily practices. Commit to all of them so you can use your superpower in a way that serves you (and, in turn, the world).

So you can thrive and shine!

XO Cam

Which one of these ways was new to you? Share your favorite way to protect your energy as an empath below!

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